Tips to help make life easier this summer

December 2015

The Christmas and summer holiday period can be a hectic time. With Christmas shopping, parties and trips away, we can all do with a little extra help to make our lives easier and keep our home security in check.

Get smart about security this summer

November 2015

Christmas can be a tempting time for burglars. While many of us are out and about enjoying the festive season, or away from home on a summer holiday, burglars are taking advantage of new gifts and empty homes to increase their criminal activity.

Five security tips for new homeowners

May 2015

Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience but between moving furniture, unpacking boxes and organising utilities, it can be easy for new homeowners to overlook security at their new home.

The importance of protecting hospitality staff

May 2015

A report by ADT Security showed nearly a third of workers (31 per cent) are concerned about being a victim of crime at work and for hospitality staff required to work late at night, the issue can be particularly worrisome.

Securing school premises over the holidays

March 2015

As students and staff count down to the Easter break, vandals and thieves may be scouting for their next easy target: a vacant school building. Not surprisingly, holidays, weekends and afternoons are the most common time for school break-ins and vandalism.