False Alarms

What are false alarms?

When the alarm is activated on a fire system connected to Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring, the signal will be transmitted to the Fire Brigade within seconds.

We will not be able to stop the alarm from going through to the Fire Brigade as it is transmitted automatically. Upon attendance, the local Fire Station Officer may deem the situation as a false alarm if they find no fire at the relevant premises.

State Fire & Rescue Links

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Fire & Rescue NSW False Alarm Waiver Policy

What are chargeable false alarms?

A false alarm is chargeable when the attending station officer deemed the alarm could have been prevented. For example:

  • If the cause of the alarm was attributed to an activity of an occupant/worker on site.
  • lack of maintenance of the building.
  • suspected faulty detectors and so on.

What are non chargeable false alarms?

A false alarm is non chargeable when the cause of the alarm can be determined to be beyond the control of the owner, was unforseen, unpredictable, and where no blame for the activation can be attributed to activity of an occupant at the premises.

How much are the false alarm charges?

The Fire Brigade imposes a fee for a false alarm and the cost varies from state to state. It can range from $250.00 to $1500.00.

Who imposes the false alarm charges and how are they invoiced?

the Fire Brigade determines whether a false alarm charge applies, if so the Fire Brigade would include that charge in the next invoice to ADT Security. The invoices contain fees and charges payable from the 15th day of the previous month to the 14th day of the current month. We are expected to forward the charges to the relevant site owners/managers.

In VIC The Fire Brigade will invoice the customer direct.

Can the customer request for false alarm charges to be waived?

As an incentive for customers to reduce their number of false alarms, the Fire Brigade will consider application for waivers. There are criteria the customer must meet in order to be considered. Please contact our office for more information and for an application form.

Reducing False Alarms

All systems are susceptible to false alarms, but to minimize these, there are a number of measures you can take:

  • Check that your system is configured to suit building use.
  • Do detector type and or sensitivities need to be changed?
  • How is the movement of contractors and trades people managed?
  • How are tenants, staff and occupants advised of procedures and guidelines?
  • Is your system maintained adequately? Fire Services recommend at a minimum that your system is maintained to the conditions of your occupancy permit of Aus Standards AS 1851-2005.
  • Do you have a responsible person on site?
  • For more info download the Unwanted Alarms Brochure

Fire Emergency services may charge you for a false alarm.

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