Keep your kids safe this summer

January 2015 – With a quarter of all home burglaries occurring while someone is at home, new research from ADT Security has revealed the extent that some Australians would go to in an effort to protect their home and family.

When asked what they would do if they came face-to-face with an intruder, the majority of Aussies (87 per cent) would call the police. However, 32 per cent of males said they wouldtake matters into their own hands by tackling an intruder and a further 44 per cent said theywould grab a weapon – yet this figure increased to 66 per cent for young men under 30years of age. The most common weapons cited included baseball or cricket bats (14 percent), golf clubs (4 per cent) and brooms (4 per cent). Aerosol spray cans (insect repellentand hair spray), knives and chairs were also common responses.

In contrast, Australian women are not so brazen with up to 40 per cent revealing they would run for cover and hide somewhere safe rather than confront an intruder, and one in four would simply scream or run to a nearby neighbour.

In fact, 20 per cent of Australians are so concerned about the threat of burglary that they admit to keeping an item by their bed for security purposes. The most common items include a torch (18 per cent) and baseball or cricket bat (20 per cent).

Christian Dorau from ADT Security urges Australians to think twice before taking on an intruder, “ADT Security would caution anyone against taking matters into their own hands if faced with an intruder. Perpetrators are often armed or working with an accomplice, whichcauses violence to quickly escalate. Instead, we urge homeowners to take simple measuresto help prevent burglary in the first instance and consider a monitored security alarm tomanage incidents more safely.

”The ADT Security What Would You Do? research surveyed 1,020 Australians, and revealed concern about home security dramatically increases over the Christmas and New Year holiday period when many people have expensive new gifts in the home or are away on holidays. In general, during any given time, three in five Australians (62 per cent) said theyoften worry about a potential home break-in and of these, 58 per cent identified their concernonly increases during peak holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year.

According to Christian Dorau, ADT Security, “The summer holiday period can make home owners more vulnerable to theft but there are some simple strategies that can help to ensure your home is more secure. ADT Security encourages householders to carry out a securityassessment of their property and consider a monitored alarm system to better protect theirhome from burglary,” said Dorau.

“Think like a thief and take a walk around your property to assess it for weak spots. Whenyou know your weak spots you can look at ways of reinforcing them. Remember, being at home doesn’t mean that you should leave your windows and doors open. Many burglaries can be avoided by not leaving windows and doors unlocked, whether you are home or not.”

Home security tips:

  • check locks on doors and windows are secure as they should always be the first lineof defence
  • don’t leave the packaging from expensive gifts on the footpath as this will alsoadvertise you have items worth stealing – put it in the recycling bin instead
  • if your home has a shed or garage, ensure it is properly secured – not only coulditems be stolen, but items in the shed or garage can be used to help break into yourproperty
  • make arrangements with trusted friends, family or neighbours to keep the house looking occupied if you’re heading away on holidays. Lighting, cars in the drivewayand cleared mailboxes add to the appearance that someone is home
  • consider a monitored home alarm as it is one of the most effective security measures.It’s possible to isolate certain zones of the home to be monitored, so that alarms can be activated even when the home is occupied. In the event that an alarm is triggered,a signal is sent to a 24 hour ADT Security Response Centre where trained operatorsidentify the cause and take appropriate action.

For further information and advice on how to best protect your home and your family, read the home safety and security tips on the ADT Security website or watch ADT’s home security video.