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We know how important it is to protect your building from fire and a simple solution is Fire Monitoring. We provide fire monitoring to every type of building and business, from the smallest neighbourhood shop to the largest retail centres, from workshops to warehouses, from carparks to large buildings. We are committed to providing the community with a high standard of protection from the dangers and costs associated with fires.

monitored security solution

Service Overview

Back to base fire monitoring service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The monitoring device, Centaur Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) is installed near the Fire Panel and/or Sprinkler Valves. In the event of fire alarm activation, the ASE picks up the fire alarm signal from the Fire Panel/Sprinkler, and simultaneously transmits the data to the local Fire Station via our Monitoring Centre. When this occurs, the local Fire Station responds accordingly, and the Monitoring Centre contacts your nominated contact(s) as listed in our database to advise them of the incident.

To ensure the ASE is in communication mode at all times, an automatic daily test is carried out to verify that both the Primary Link (radio signal) and Secondary Link (PSTN back up telephone line) remain connected, and that the ASE is communicating with the monitoring centre. In the event of communication failure by one or both links, and/or if the Fire Indicator Panel is indicating a system fault, the ASE flags the fault to the Monitoring Centre where contact is made with the nominated contact(s) accordingly.



The Centaur Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) and antenna are supplied by ADT Security and the title of the ASE and the antenna at all times remain with ADT. 

During installation, if a customer's power supply or batteries are found to be insufficient, we can install a power supply and/or batteries. As daily tests are carried out automatically by ASE a service call is required only in cases of:

  • ASE experiencing complete loss of communication
  • ASE showing fire alarm system fault for sprinkler connection
  • In case of PSTN fail, after the telecommunication provider investigated and found PSTN is not faulty
  • By customers request

In these cases we will send a qualified technician to investigate the faults, and repair/replace the ASE. The standard service call fees are applicable if the faults were caused by factors outside our control, such as vandal; storms/water damage; or damage caused by the customer or a third party such as Fire Brigade or other Service Contractors.

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