Commercial Access Control

ADT's commercial access control systems keep organisations and large enterprises across Australia safe and secure.

Commercial access control features


ADT's access control system provides you the feature to determine which people have access to specific areas on the premises.

For example, you might want an executive to have access to an area with a higher level of security. Grant access to the relevant people.


Access control can grant access to a premise at differing times.

For example, you might want to restrict access to an office premises after close of day or grant gym users 24/7 access. ADT sets access control settings based on what best suits your business needs.


ADT gathers the relevant knowledge from access control usage.

Notifications and data are generated based on who enters a designated area at a certain time. This feature might benefit you if you are, let's say, a bank, and want to gather insight on when employees access specific assets.

Access control also provides a reporting function that can compile the relevant data based on the insight you want to gather. Keep aware with ADT's access control.

ADT access control card


Keep students, staff and assets safe across multiple campuses with access control systems from ADT. Provide students and staff access to the areas they need such as classrooms or libraries at the times they need.

Many university students have benefited from having after hours access to a library knowing that unwanted visitors have restricted access because of the right access control system.

Lecturer Helps Scholar with Project, Advising on Their Work.


There are many dangers and coordination involved with the maintenance of a construction site. Ensure only the right personnel have access to a site. ADT also caters to mining sites with commercial access systems.

For example, if a blast is planned, ADT can ensure access to dedicated “safe areas” away from the blasting site. The desired activity or blast won’t occur until all employees are tapped into the safe area.

Diverse Team of Specialists Walk Through Garage Level of Industrial / Commercial Building Construction Site.

Tailored access control solutions

A commercial access control system employs user permissions to manage and monitor the accessibility and movement of a nominated premise, keeping it secure from unwanted entry and harm.

From large-scale offices and universities to hotels and construction sites, ADT works with you to find the solution best tailored to your business needs and premises. Our comprehensive range of security systems gives you full control over the varying levels of access to your premises.

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Commercial Access Control FAQs

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What is an access control system?

An access control system is a measure that dictates the controlled movement, accessibility, and monitoring of people on a physical premise.

A control system utilises equipment such as readers, biometric scanners, key fobs, or other tools to determine who can enter a specific area and when. Access control is crucial to the security of any large commercial business or organisation.

Why are access control systems important?

Access control is important to protect your premises from unwanted threats and breaches. Access control also provides a central authority system that can control the level of access available to occupants and at varying times. Access control ensures your employees, students, visitors, contractors, and personnel on site feel secure and protected.

Access control systems also safeguards sensitive information, company data or rooms that should otherwise be restricted. ADT access control systems heighten the security in your building and grant access based on specific needs. ADT deems access control important.

What are examples of commercial access control systems?

Physical access control dictates the access, movement, and monitoring of physical spaces. There are many types of access control that can be employed. Access control mechanisms for large commercial premises might use doors with security locks, card readers, key card, and a key fob.

Access control solutions such as biometric scanners with fingerprint recognition and facial scanners can also be utilised for office access control. You might also employ video surveillance as an added security solution for enhanced safety.

ADT incorporates a range of access control solutions to curate a protected system best suited to you. Contact ADT to find out more about the range of options.

How do I install an access control system?

Access control systems are best installed by security professionals. There might be a wide and unique range of factors to consider based on your individual business or organisation's needs. How do you want your central authority to function? What access control policy do you want to use? Do you want to integrate an access control system with other security systems/security technology?

Access management also needs to be integrated properly to an already existing security setup. We can make it as easy as mobile access control. Employ the help of a security expert to install an access control model.

How much does an access control system cost?

Commercial access control systems must be tailored to the exact needs of your commercial business or organisation.

There are many factors to consider when employing an access control system such as the size of a premise, the traffic, the value of assets, the level or access rights you want to grant and the range of technology you want to employ. An ADT representative can be contacted to assess the security coverage and needs of your business or organisation.

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