Business Security Solutions

Safeguard your business and get peace of mind for your entire team with tailored business security solutions. ADT's commercial security systems help you focus on what matters, your bottom line.

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Small Business Solutions

Business CCTV systems

Automatically record and view live evidence of shoplifters and trespassers from anywhere with an ADT CCTV system.

Supporting up to 64 cameras, our motion-activated HD cameras run on a reliable system for continuous recording, even during connection loss.

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Business alarm systems

Get total peace of mind knowing ADT's range of customisable alarm systems feature 24/7 security monitoring and activation prompts for an immediate in-person response.

Our team will tailor your alarm system to your business's unique layout and can combine both wired and wireless solutions for maximum coverage.

24/7 security monitoring

From break and entry to fire threats, our security experts are ready to take action when you need it most.

Across Australia and New Zealand, our Customer Care Centres monitor thousands of shops, banks, offices and government buildings for reliable protection 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Emergency patrols

Get a real boots-on-the-ground response when an alarm is triggered.

ADT's commercial security solutions include a mobile patrol service offering up to six alarm responses. If needed, we'll dispatch a patrol team to investigate the situation and alert emergency services.

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Enterprise Security Solutions

Access control

Protect employees, assets and information by automatically allowing a free flow of authorised personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors.

Effortless integration allows for added security in areas your access control system has identified as high-risk, for example, configuring CCTV cameras to pan and focus on a specific entry point.

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Banking solutions

Due to our robust and multi-layered approach, ADT is a prominent name in electronic security for leading financial institutions all over the world.

Safeguard sensitive information and transactions with cutting-edge data encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), fraud detection and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security solutions.

Transport solutions

Keep up with evolving regulatory compliance while driving efficiency, deterring theft and preventing unauthorised access.

From Vehicle Tracking, Video surveillance, Driver Identification, Sensors and Access Control Systems — ADT will help you stay one step ahead, every step of the way.


ADT Security helps protect government bodies across Australia.

Explore security solutions such as Grade A1 monitoring, certified monitoring solutions, wireless or IP-based alarms, CCTV surveillance and video management systems or guard and patrol response.

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Capability Statements

As one of the world’s largest and most experienced security services providers, ADT is well-practiced in virtually every risk area. From small businesses to government organisations — we take the time to understand your unique challenges and provide measurable solutions.

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Commercial Security FAQs

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What is a security system in business?

Security systems are a combination of security devices that work in tandem to provide security to a location and the people in it. They usually include an alarm system, motion sensors, business security access controls and video cameras.

Top-quality security systems will also come with back-to-base monitoring, meaning trained security professionals can protect your business when an event triggers the system.

What are 3 examples of a security system?

A security system’s three most common parts are alarm systems, cameras and motion sensors.

ADT business security systems come with all these devices and an easy-to-use app to give the business complete control over the system from a smartphone.

What is the best commercial CCTV system?

The best commercial CCTV systems can be tailored to the needs of a specific business and provide reliable, high-definition footage of any criminal event.

ADT CCTV delivers these features and is an excellent supplement to a business security alarm system, providing comprehensive functionality and evidence from all risk angles.

How much are commercial security installation services?

To protect your company’s data, assets, and employees, it's essential to invest in professional installation. The cost of installation will vary depending on the range of products required, the size of your property and the complexity of the project.

When you choose ADT, our experts will work with you to create a tailored package to suit your budget and exact security requirements. You will get free quotes throughout the process, so you always know what the business will be paying for.

Does ADT offer quality maintenance services?

Yes, in addition to providing security systems, ADT works to scheduled maintenance plans for all of our products. However, the optional QMP gives you the added comfort of knowing your system is exceptionally well maintained regularly.

Technicians routinely inspect and test it in accordance with appropriate standards to keep it operating at maximum efficiency and identify when an upgrade may be needed.

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