Small Business Security Solutions

Small businesses and medium enterprises are often easy targets for theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. With ADT's business security solutions, you can focus on growing your business, knowing your success is shielded against the unexpected.

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Small business solutions

Alarm systems

Don't wait for trouble to knock; intercept threats early and protect your business on the go via the ADT App. We'll tailor your alarm system to your property's unique layout, prioritising your key entry points and high-risk areas for maximum coverage and day-to-day functionality.

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small business solutions

CCTV security systems

Deter intruders, gain valuable video evidence and send a strong message that nothing goes unseen. Our CCTV indoor and outdoor cameras come with a variety of features like person detection and colour night vision and run on a reliable system that allows for continued recording even after losing connection.

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Small business solutions

24/7 professional monitoring

Operate comfortably knowing there are professionals on standby, ready to protect your business when you need it most.

Whether your alarm is triggered by a break-in, smoke detector or motion sensor — our experts will contact you, your chosen emergency contacts or appropriate authorities and send out a mobile patrol response team.

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small business solutions

Gallagher SMB

A streamlined, app-based security solution that simplifies and streamlines your business security.

In world where security is often overly complex and difficult to manage, SMB offers a refreshing approach. Easy-to use app provides businesses with all essential features they need, without the unnecessary extras. Gain better control and an enhanced experience with our app's unique features.

small business solutions

Professional installation

Our small and medium business security solutions are prepared by experts in the field. Whether you're looking to install multiple cameras and alarms or integrate smart technology — we'll work with you to build the perfect security solution customised to your specific business.

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Small Business Security FAQ

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Do small businesses need security?

Absolutely. It's well established that larger companies demand extensive protection, which is why smaller businesses are often considered easy targets for criminal activities. On top of this, the stakes can be higher for SME business owners with their success requiring a greater level of personal investment.

At ADT, we understand small business security isn't just about protecting your customers, employees or premises — it's a way to safeguard your hard work and dreams.

Whether it's an alarm system, access control, camera or professional monitoring, business security systems help SME business owners alleviate pressures and focus on what matters: their bottom line.

What is the best security system for small businesses?

For small to medium enterprises, the best security systems should use a variety of equipment to protect their customers, employees, and premises. The most common devices include wireless security cameras, alarm systems, access control or smart locks.

It's also important to consider what you'll need as your business grows like regulatory compliance and cybersecurity solutions to defend your business's critical data and information from hackers and other cyber security threats.

If you're planning on expanding locations, a security system from ADT features permissions and multi-location functionalities helping you easily access and protect multiple businesses.

What camera systems do businesses use for security?

Businesses commonly use wired and Wi-Fi camera systems for security. Choosing the best cameras for your business will depend on your specific needs and infrastructure preferences.

Wired cameras offer reliable, constant connectivity and are ideal for fixed installations whereas Wi-Fi cameras provide greater flexibility and easy integration with existing wireless infrastructure.

Need help choosing the best security cameras for your property? With ADT's free on-premises security assessment, our experts will talk with you about your security needs and compile a list of video surveillance equipment to match the requirements of your specific business.


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