ADT Safe-N-Go

Enjoy peace of mind knowing ADT’s 24/7 monitoring personal alarm systems are looking after what matters most. Safe-N-Go is your extra eyes and ears, empowering your loved ones or residents to stay safe wherever they go.

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Safety wherever you go

Empowering you to live independently but connected.

For you and your loved ones

Safe-N-Go personal alarms empower individuals to enjoy a carefree and full life, while staying connected and safe. Enjoy life while knowing you have ADT Care’s round-the-clock assistance when you need it the most.

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For you as an occupant in residential care

Offering round-the-clock assistance for your loved ones and community, the ADT Safe-N-Go personal alarm solution enables you to live a safer, freer, and fuller life. The Safe-N-Go's GPRS portable button equips your loved ones or residents to take safety with them wherever they go.


For you as the facility manager of residential care communities

ADT Safe-N-Go empowers care facilities such as nursing homes or retirement villages. Partnering with you, we offer 24/7 monitoring and a user-friendly alarm system.

With the simple press of an SOS button, residents are immediately connected to our responsive team. Safety is always just a push of a button away.

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How does the alarm work?

Get immediate help at the push of a button.

Safe-N-Go features

Unparalleled features for uncompromised safety.

Dedicated SOS alarm

Double pressing the button will immediately notify highly trained monitoring professionals who are ready to respond in an emergency.

Real-time location information

Get accurate and up-to-date location tracking with advanced GPS, BLE, Wi-Fi, and LBS technologies. This lets those responsible for the safety of their loved ones or lone workers stay connected and informed about their whereabouts.

Two-way communication

With two-way, hands-free voice communication, the wearer can establish instant contact with ADT’s trained monitoring team by talking into the device.

Voice and vibration status

With Safe-N-Go’s auditory and tactile feedback system, the wearer will receive clear voice prompts and vibration notifications when the SOS alarm is activated.

Easy charging

Safe-N-Go simplifies the charging process, ensuring that it remains powered up and ready to provide round-the-clock support. Simply place the device on the charging base and connect the USB cable from the charging base to the AC adaptor. A light from the base will glow when charging and turn solid when fully charged.

Lightweight and waterproof

Designed with both comfort and durability in mind, the Safe-N-Go pendant is lightweight and ergonomically crafted. Its waterproof rating of IP67 guarantees complete protection against dust and powerful water jets.

Ability to cancel false alarm

Accidental triggers happen, and when they do, Safe-N-Go provides wearers with the ability to swiftly deactivate a false alarm. Simply press the SOS button once after the voice prompt says: “SOS alert has been activated, click SOS to stop.” The voice prompt will then say: “Alarm has been cancelled” to confirm the action.

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What is ADT Safe-N-Go?

ADT Safe-N-Go is a personal alarm system that allows users to alert our 24/7 monitored response team with just the push of an SOS button. ADT Safe-N-Go employs an easy-to-use button that sends an alert to ADT, making response times timely and dependable.

ADT Safe-N-Go exists to give you comfort and confidence knowing your loved ones or residents are protected and connected.

Who can use ADT Safe-N-Go?

ADT Safe-N-Go is available for individual homes and residences as well as care facilities such as nursing homes, aged care facilities or retirement villages.

We place ourselves by your side to cultivate safe, independent, and care-free living knowing that the people you care about are protected.

What is the best monitored alarm for the elderly?

The best monitored alarm for the elderly is one that provides 24/7 assistance and responds quickly. A personal alarm must respond quickly to ensure people are cared for appropriately. Look for alarms that are easy-to-use and provide a timely response, such as our ADT Safe-N-Go SOS button.

Encourage elderly people to live their lives confidently. Look for mobile alarms that are easy to use, portable and have optional fall detection. ADT Safe-N-Go provides the ease and peace of mind you deserve.

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