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Secure your home and loved ones around the clock with a wireless video doorbell from ADT. Enjoy cutting-edge technology like smart home integration, live streaming, two-way audio and remote access via the ADT Interactive App. Take the first step towards a safer, smarter home today.

ADT Wireless Video Doorbells

A wireless video doorbell from ADT helps protect your property against theft, home invasion, porch pirates, and unwanted solicitors before you open the front door.

Intelligent video analysis

Safeguard your front door and anticipate danger early with crystal-clear video quality, 24/7 live streaming, motion detection and a wide field of view.

Two-way audio communication

Make your presence known and communicate in real-time with a two-way video intercom.

Simply use your smart speaker to welcome guests, coordinate package deliveries and deter intruders from anywhere.

Smart chime

The smart chime is designed to work seamlessly with the ADT Interactive App.

Adjust chime volume, receive smart alerts, view live footage and create customised tones from the palm of your hand.

Reliable lifespan & video storage

Enjoy uninterrupted protection with an impressive battery life lasting over three months on a single charge.

Store up to 1200 video clips with cloud storage via the ADT Interactive App.

Video doorbell product

Why choose ADT security for your smart doorbells?

Remote access

Our systems all come with the ADT Interactive App, which allows you to control your video doorbell via your smartphone from anywhere.

View live video and receive notifications for motion events and custom triggers, whether you're stuck at work or on your way home.

Cloud storage

Video recording from your smart doorbell can be stored on the cloud with the ADT Interactive App.

Easily access, protect and review essential video evidence in one location straight from your mobile device.

Seamless installation

With no need for existing doorbell wiring, the wireless design of ADT's battery-powered doorbells makes installation a breeze and gives you more control over where you place the camera for maximum cover.

Simply connect your new doorbell to the smart chime over your home Wi-Fi network for effortless integration.

Smart home compatibility

The ADT video doorbell is designed to adapt to your home's layout, integrating with your overall ADT Security system.

Your smart chime also serves as a robust Wi-Fi extender for your other smart devices and ADT Wi-Fi products.

Professional support

ADT guarantees a superior customer experience with our expert installation services.

Our dedicated technicians will work with you every step of the way to ensure your video doorbell is strategically placed and configured, harmonising with the specific security requirements of your home.

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ADT Wifi home camera

Smart Doorbell Camera FAQ

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What are the best video doorbells to buy?

The best video doorbell camera for your home will depend on your lifestyle, budget and desired level of security.

The price point and features of video doorbell models can vary greatly so it's important to consider what capabilities matter to you. For example, some video doorbells will record continuously, whereas other models will only record short clips when they detect motion or if the doorbell button is pressed.

Whether you're looking for a standalone product with basic monitoring features or want to integrate your video doorbell with existing home systems, our team will work with you to create the perfect security solution.

Do wireless doorbells get stolen?

Wireless doorbell security cameras can be stolen, which is why the most effective video doorbells are designed with the utmost security in mind.

Unlike most video doorbells, the ADT range features tamper-resistant locks to deter theft and secure wireless technology and encryption for added protection.

You can also set up motion sensors to alert you when someone approaches your door, and get push notifications sent directly to your phone or another smart device.

How do you install a video doorbell without existing wiring?

For an ADT video doorbell, all you need to do is download the ADT app on your smart device, connect the chime to your home’s Wi-Fi network and connect the camera to the chime, mount the wireless doorbell video camera onto your wall or front door frame and you’re ready to go!

Do you need Wi-Fi for wireless video doorbell cameras?

Yes, they require a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with the existing doorbell chime and to capture and transmit the live video feed to your smart device.

Is it better to have a wired or wireless doorbell camera?

While it is possible to equip wired doorbells with CCTV cameras and alarms, the installation process tends to be more time-consuming, and the associated costs are often higher.

Opting for a wireless video doorbell offers a simpler alternative, especially if you desire features like smart capabilities, a rechargeable battery, and enhanced security.

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