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Monitoring Services

24/7 Monitoring

Our monitoring centres vigilantly monitor thousands of alarm events, providing round-the-clock surveillance throughout the year. They respond to various situations, ranging from burglary attempts to fire alarms.

Our monitoring customer base spans various establishments, including residential properties, retail outlets, banks, offices and governmental structures. No matter the industry, an ADT security licensed professional is watching out for you.

Residential Monitoring

ADT offers comprehensive monitoring services to safeguard your home. With 24/7 alarm monitoring and professional security patrols, we promptly respond to any violations.

ADT's Mobile Apps enable remote access to security systems, alerts and settings – allowing homeowners to stay connected and in control.

Personal Safety Monitoring

ADT extends safety services beyond home surveillance with personal alarm monitoring solutions.

Designed for lone workers, night shift staff and drivers, FindU is a professionally monitored platform that allows businesses to protect high-risk employees using real-time panic alarm response tracking, live alerts and personalised responses.

ADT Home Assure and Safe-N-Go are monitored personal alarm devices designed for those living alone or in residential care communities. They promote independent living and offer individuals and their families peace of mind.

Business Monitoring

ADT provides state-of-the-art security solutions to protect commercial properties and assets.

From bureau monitoring to video surveillance, our comprehensive security captures activities and potential threats, triggering a swift response from our monitoring centre.

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Home Security Systems

Your home is your sanctuary; we're here to help you keep it that way. Our advanced security systems provide an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones.

Rest easy, knowing your home is secure 24/7 with an ADT home security system. Discover alarms, CCTV, Wi-Fi cameras, video doorbells and our DIY home security products today.

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Explore our Home Security products

ADT Care

Your health is invaluable and so is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're protected. ADT offers medical alarm solutions with round-the-clock support to ensure you and your loved ones are safe, no matter the circumstances. Explore some of our apps and devices designed to give you more control over your safety.

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Business Solutions

Running a business comes with its unique challenges, but security shouldn't be one of them. Our business security solutions are tailored to help protect your livelihood, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

ADT offers security solutions for all businesses, large and small. From professional installation to 24/7 monitoring, discover how ADT can help safeguard your business.

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ADT FindU is not just a lone worker app; it's a comprehensive safety solution. Keep your lone workers safe with data-driven insights, instant alert responses and our 24/7 safety monitoring services.

Versatile, cost-effective and user-friendly — FindU goes beyond enhancing lone worker safety to protect users from all walks of life.

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You can live life better when you’re secure.

We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your own space. Explore our range of solutions for home, business and personal security.

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