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Can I have a home security system and pets?

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A common question that we are often asked at ADT Security is whether an alarm system can be installed in homes with pets. For anyone concerned their furry friends will accidentally activate home security sensors and trigger a false alarm, there may be no need to be. Advances in motion technology have helped to solve this problem which is great news for pet owners.

Pet friendly sensors are programmed to distinguish animal movements from human movements based on their size and weight. The technology was developed by analysing the movement patterns of thousands of humans and animals. Engineers and computer programmers then converted this information into sophisticated algorithms that can separate human and animal movements, and incorporated these into sensors.

The ADT Security pet friendly sensors are programmed to allow animals weighing less than 20 kilograms to move around undetected. The exception is when they come within 1.8 metres of the sensors (for example, a dog jumping on the bed or a bird flying around the house).

Positioning pet sensors
Because of the height restriction, it’s important to consult your security specialist when positioning pet friendly motion sensors. Generally, they should be positioned 1.8 metres away from any potential interference from your furry friends. This will help to reduce the incidence of false alarms.

If you have pets at home, talk to your security provider or call our customer service team to discuss having a pet friendly alarm system installed.

For more information call 131 238 or visit www.adtsecurity.com.au.


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