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ADT Home Assure offers personalised security solutions tailored to unique safety needs. From basic emergency alert systems to advanced options, our Home Assure line appreciates that safety is not one-size-fits-all.

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Tailored personal alarm solutions

Each Home Assure solution is designed after a thorough individual assessment to meet the distinctive needs of our users.

For you and your loved ones

The ADT Home Assure personal alarm solution equips individuals with the tools to live autonomously and with ease, while also staying secure and connected. Revel in the fullness of life with the knowledge that ADT Care’s 24/7 support is there for you in your most crucial times.

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For you as an occupant in residential care

ADT Home Assure strengthens the caregiving capabilities of environments like nursing homes, senior care centres, and retirement communities. As vigilant guardians, ADT Home Assure offers round-the-clock monitoring to protect your residents.

Crafted for convenience, our alarms can be worn as wristbands or necklaces, providing seamless access to assistance. Residents and caregivers alike can enjoy the solace of wearing our reliable safety devices.

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For you as the facility manager of residential care communities

With the vigilant supervision of ADT's monitoring system serving as the watchful guardians for your residents, you can deliver superior care and enhance the overall quality of life within your community.

This advanced shield of protection fosters an environment where safety is paramount, allowing for the highest standards of resident well-being and comfort.

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Optional accessories


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What is ADT Home Assure?

ADT Home Assure is a personal alarm system that allows users to alert our 24/7 monitored response system that they need help.

ADT Home Assure Personal Alarm consists of an ADT Control Panel and Portable Emergency Button making response times timely and dependable.

ADT Home Assure exists to give you peace of mind and confidence that your loved ones or residents are safe and connected.

Who can use ADT Home Assure?

ADT Home Assure is available for individual homes and residences as well as care facilities such as nursing homes, aged care facilities or retirement villages.

We place ourselves at the heart of any environment to cultivate safe, independent, and care-free living knowing that the people you care for are seen and have someone watching out for them.

What is the best monitored alarm for the elderly?

The best monitored alarm for the elderly is one that is easy to use and provides 24/7 assistance. A personal alarm must respond quickly to ensure that a case is addressed properly. Look for monitored alarms with easy access, such as a SOS button, and with access to a timely response team.

You also want to empower elderly people to live their lives independently, so look for mobile alarms that are easy to use, portable and have optional fall detection. ADT Home Assure provides the ease and peace of mind you deserve.

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Simple to set up, easy to use

ADT Home Assure can be easily installed in any home or residential care facility. The 4G SIM provided connects your system to the ADT monitoring centre. Once installation is complete, the 24/7 monitoring service is activated. We stand with you, committed to safeguarding your peace of mind, confidence, and unrestricted way of life.

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