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Personal wellbeing

ADT Home Assure

Home Assure is a comprehensive home-based solution that promotes autonomy while ensuring continual support is always on hand. It's designed to boost safety and comfort, whether for personal use or to enhance services in nursing homes and retirement communities.

Much more than a portable emergency button, ADT Home Assure grants access to help 24/7, standing by for those critical moments.

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Individual safety

ADT Safe-N-Go

ADT Safe-N-Go is a personal wellbeing solution that promotes an independent lifestyle. With integrated GPS location services, users can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with freedom.

Be at ease as you go about your day-to-day activities. Whether at home or out and about, support is always nearby.

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How do personal alarm devices work?

Personal alarms for the elderly function as a simple button they can press to alert others when they are in some form of distress (such as having a fall). To ensure that this button is as accessible as possible, ADT Home Assure personal alarms are available as pendants, wristbands, and control panels.

In addition to discreet and stylish wearable devices, ADT also has voice-activated personal alarms for enhanced protection. These devices are especially useful in bathrooms and can be activated with a pull cord.

Our portable emergency buttons are also equipped with fall detectors. When a fall is detected (thanks to a built-in accelerometer), an alarm will go out in seconds, ensuring no delay in getting the appropriate response, whether that be contacting a neighbour, family member, or emergency services.

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How effective are personal alarms for the elderly?

Personal safety alarms have been used in Australia for decades because they’re proven to minimise the harm caused by falls and medical emergencies.

There’s no denying that personal alarms have saved lives by ensuring that when an older person encounters distress, they can get help immediately.

We hope your loved one never needs to use their personal alarm, but it’s a sensible precaution, especially if they’ve had a fall or other incident in the past.

A personal alarm system is a non-intrusive way to give you peace of mind over the well-being of an ageing family member while still trusting them with their independence.

Is a personal alarm system difficult to install?

Not at all – anyone can set up a personal alarm system in a home or residential care facility without any specialised knowledge.

Operating with an included 4G SIM, your personal alarm devices are reliably connected to the ADT monitoring centre at all times.

Are personal alarms just for the elderly?

No, personal alarm systems can be relied on for other loved ones who may have a certain medical condition or disability but want to maintain their independence.

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