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Maintain independence for elderly parents

As life expectancy in Australia rises – 80.4 years for men and 84.6 years for women – we are not only living longer but also staying healthier for longer. While this is generally considered to be great news, the reality is that living longer may also mean potentially living through increased periods of frailty which can require additional care and support.

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Despite the need for increased care as we age, older Australians are reluctant to give up their independence with only two in three Australians aged over 65 years using aged care services. As older Australians live more independently, the problem many families face is how to support them to ensure they feel secure in their own home, without sacrificing access to 24/7 assistance should they need it.

Here are some tips for helping your loved ones stay safe and independent.

Better visibility

If we want our elderly parents to remain safe and healthy, it’s important to make sure their environment is appropriate to their physical needs. Even in their own home, the combination of poor eyesight and minor safety hazards can put seniors at risk of falls or other accidents. One of the most common reasons for falls or slipping is dim lighting. This can be helped by installing smart lighting, which can be added as an optional extra to an existing ADT Interactive Security system. With automated home lighting control, users can activate lights digitally or remotely at any time, which will help stop them from stumbling through a dark room looking for the switch.

Check in with ease

Visual verification that family members are home safe and sound can bring instant peace of mind. ADT Security is able to integrate lifestyle cameras as part of an Interactive Security system, allowing you to check in remotely to view a live feed of the home using a smart device or laptop. This allows the home’s occupants to maintain their independence and gives you reassurance everything is OK.

Encourage social connections

Elderly Australians are encouraged to develop strong social networks for better physical and mental health. Many older people find that volunteering is a good way to use skills and life experiences to contribute to society. Some also find taking classes a good way of keeping their minds active and meeting others in their local community. Hobbies and social groups can also help to maintain positive social interaction and physical fitness, which contribute to overall wellbeing.

Protect and monitor their health

Keeping track of physical symptoms, mental health, and senior nutrition is of critical importance. If your loved one is showing signs of physical or cognitive impairment or has a history of falling, ADT Security’s IndiPendant Personal Alarm is an ideal solution that provides 24/7 assistance for older Australians. This easy to use, wireless device can be worn as a wristwatch or attached to a neck chain, ensuring 24-hour help is available at any time. The device is also waterproof, so it can be worn in places with a high slip-risk, such as toilets and showers.

For more information about how elderly family members can enjoy the support of our IndiPendant offering, visit or call 13 12 38 to discuss our monthly rental plans.


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