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Why the wireless video doorbell is an essential security tool for your home

The advancement of technology has allowed the humble doorbell to evolve into a sophisticated security asset that gives you greater control over the safety of your home.

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Video doorbells may have once been considered a luxury item for those looking for the latest gadget, but greater accessibility, affordability and a range of beneficial security features have turned them into an essential asset in any home.

With 194,100 Australian households experiencing a break-in between 2021 and 2022 1, installing a smart doorbell camera can help to protect the home. The range of smart features includes video analytics that detects motion around the front door, one of the most exposed areas of the home.

ADT Security recently launched a wireless video doorbell (ADC-VDB780B) and smart chime for integration into existing ADT Security Systems. This smart doorbell package is completely wireless, operating through a Wi-Fi connection that gives users complete flexibility to install the device in the best location without having to rely on existing wiring. The simple installation and ease of functionality makes ADT’s doorbell camera an ideal security solution for most homes.

Features of the best video doorbells.

Here are some of the key features that make ADT’s wireless video doorbell a growing must-have for the home.

Two-way audio communication.

Modern video doorbells also feature intercom capabilities that allow homeowners to speak to visitors at the door and vice versa. The audio communication typically operates through a designated program or app, like the ADT home security smartphone app, giving you the freedom to speak to whoever is at the front door from wherever you are.

Advanced motion detection capabilities.

Video doorbells have an in-built camera that allows you to see a live video feed of what is happening at any time of the day. These real-time feeds can be accessed at any point through a designated program or app, and because the cameras are constantly operating, they can detect movement at any time and send a notification straight to your device. This allows you to know when someone is at the door before they even ring the bell, or help you to see who is trying to reach you even when you’re not home.

Wireless installation

As the name implies, wireless video doorbells do require a connection to primary power through the home, meaning installation does not include complicated and expensive rewiring. They can be positioned anywhere you desire and will operate on a Wi-Fi connection, giving you complete freedom over their location at any time.

How wireless video doorbell features benefit your lifestyle

For those worried about unwanted visitors, the sight of a doorbell camera is often enough of a deterrent. If required, a video doorbell can be set to capture motion-triggered video footage that can be stored for future reference. This can be particularly useful for those concerned about suspicious activity around their home as the video clips can be shared with the local police for identification purposes.

With the rise of online shopping, video doorbells are also becoming an essential asset for deterring parcel theft. The doorbell camera can help to curb this issue by providing the user with an immediate alert as soon as the parcel has been delivered and the front door can be monitored remotely until the package has been safely retrieved.

ADT’s video doorbell also features:

  • A rechargeable battery pack with an optimised battery life of up to six months of charge
  • high definition (HD) 1080 pixel recording capability
  • 160-degree horizontal field of view (FOV)

Live, high-definition video capabilities and two-way audio allows users to view and communicate directly through the camera, regardless of whether you’re home. As soon as someone rings the doorbell, it chimes and simultaneously sends a notification for you to answer the door from wherever they may be.

Suitable for both homeowners and renters, wireless video doorbells are an accessible modern solution that help protect the home and give owners peace of mind. Installation and usability have never been easier, which can make anyone feel like they have the best technology keeping them safe.

For more security tips and solutions, visit www.adtsecurity.com.au or call us on 131238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.

  1. https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/crime-and-justice/crime-victimisation-australia/latest-release

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