Business Security Upgrades

Keep your existing security system up-to-date and ensure your business has the right level of protection.

Why upgrade your security system?

Flexible installation options

ADT Security is your comprehensive security specialist, capable of evaluating your existing business security setup, irrespective of your current service provider.

Our upgrade services are not exclusive to ADT system users. We conduct a thorough examination to outline the most suitable upgrade possibilities, and these services are extended to all business entities, be it a small store or a large commercial establishment.

Tailored solutions

Does your current system provide you with enough protection and safety?

Upgrading your business security system is the best time to consider the evolving security needs of your business. ADT's equipment is designed to be flexible and scalable, so your security can evolve as your needs do.

Cutting-edge protection

Security technology is constantly advancing with new and more robust solutions and products. To help you keep up, our custom upgrade options are available for pre-existing security systems and entirely new setups.

From sophisticated access control systems to 24/7 alarm monitoring, an expert ADT technician will visit your premises to inspect your current equipment and determine the best solution for your business.

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5G: Superior speed, greater connectivity

Mobile carriers across Australia are gradually phasing out their 3G networks to make way for more advanced 4G and 5G network services. If you rely on a 3G, we'll help you make the switch.

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We'll help you stay up-to-date

As your business evolves, so does your need for protection. ADT Security specialises in assessing and upgrading business security systems for small and medium enterprises and large commercial properties.

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Business Security Upgrades FAQs

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Can you upgrade a business security system?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your business security system.

The scope of your business security upgrade will depend on your individual business needs and already established systems. You can optimise an already existing system or invest in an entirely new security system to best protect your business.

How do I upgrade my business security system?

The best way to upgrade your business security system is to employ the help of an expert. Upgrading business security systems can be comprehensive work as there are many factors.

Whether you're looking to update your current alarm or incorporate additional CCTV cameras – how you upgrade your security will depend on the individual nature of your business, your budget and your priorities.

How much does it cost to upgrade an alarm system?

The cost to upgrade your business security system will depend on your individual business and your security needs.

Business security upgrades need to consider multiple factors such as the current provider that is being used and what type of upgrades your business would like to employ.

Contact ADT experts who can assess your situation and provide an assessment and quote.

How often should you upgrade your security system?

It is suggested that you upgrade your business security system every 8-10 years, however, it can be as soon as every 5 years.

An upgrade is recommended to account for the constant changes in the advancement of security technology. Using an outdated security system can hinder its effectiveness. Security systems also get old and might need repairs. Utilise the best and newest security technology. Invest in an upgrade.

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