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Integrate security systems to protect mine sites

Mining presents a broad range of risks and potential dangers.

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Remote sites, heavy machinery, underground operations, fatigue and volatile conditions make mining an inherently risky business. As a result the industry requires the highest standards of security and safety systems to help ensure the protection of workers, the public and the mine itself.

Beyond safety concerns, false alarms or incidences can result in lost productivity and downtime can be costly. Having a security system in place can prove invaluable.

ADT Security has developed end-to-end security solutions for mining operations worldwide and is the world’s largest and most experienced electronic security solutions provider. As a mine industry specialist, ADT is responsible for helping to secure some of Australia’s largest mines including Xstrata’s mine in Mount Isa, Queensland.

Key concerns for mine site managers include asset protection, facility security and company and personal property protection. By understanding the risks, ADT designs complete solutions, providing all the key elements of mine safety and security including intruder alarms, access control, video surveillance, asset tracking, communications, visitor management and perimeter security technologies – integrating systems where required.

As a minimum requirement, most mine sites employ a security solution which combines access control and video surveillance technologies to provide a high degree of situational and operational practices to ensure critical health and safety measures are being adhered to and can be reviewed on request. Depending on the mine site, these primary systems can be enhanced with other specialised technologies.

Advances in video surveillance technology have resulted in scalable, robust systems that enhance and complement access control, detection and physical access. In addition to helping control access to a site, video surveillance can help to improve productivity by monitoring mine entry and exit points, blasting zones and by helping to reduce theft.

Combining detection and surveillance technologies is useful for securing high risk areas such as gold rooms, packing sheds, stores and workshops. ADT Security also uses devices like passive infrared sensors (PIR) which can sense a combination of heat and movement of an intruder to detect unauthorised access.

Think about who has physical access to a site. Security technologies can provide entry to authorised personnel and vehicles and prevent entry to those that are unauthorised. The most widely used examples at a mine site are turnstiles, door locking, gates, boom gates and fences. Gates can be fitted with electronic tags which enable them to be linked to a competency-based system. This could mean that only people with a license for driving a specific vehicle would be granted access to a particular site.

For a superior level of protection, primary security systems can be enhanced with other systems and specialised technologies. Many sites use access control technologies to provide right of entry to specified areas based on competencies such as position and level of training undertaken.

Access control systems can also be integrated with ‘fitness for work’ programs such as fatigue management and blood and alcohol testing. Site access is then based on test results or time and attendance data. These systems can also be used to account for personnel in the event of an incident and can be interfaced with a CCTV system and other software for ultimate tracking.

To discuss how ADT Security can help you meet all your environmental, health and safety obligations and provide a safe and productive work environment, call 131 ADT (238) or visit


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