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Upgrade business security with ADT Security video analytics

Technology has forever raised the bar for business security solutions and peace of mind has never been more achievable.

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In our previous blog, we discussed how homeowners can make life easier and safer by tapping into video analytics and customising a range of settings through data-based insight and remote interactivity. However, homeowners aren’t the only ones who benefit from this new age of smart security. Businesses can also leverage ADT Security’s intuitive camera analytics features to go above and beyond simply capturing footage.

With artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics can transform security cameras into powerful monitoring devices that take business security and access control operations to another level.

AI video surveillance software & smart security at your fingertips

ADT’s cameras feature sophisticated AI sensors that can be programmed to capture specific footage or activate user notifications in line with individual business security needs and preferences. These intelligent sensors detect movement based on customisable parameters or ‘filters’ relevant to your business operations. These filters create a system that accurately alerts you to familiar or unfamiliar activity that may occurs at key locations like security doors and loading bays, and ignores unimportant motion from things like animals and shadows. AI video analytics also allow you to record video clips based on pre-defined customisable rules, providing a before, during and after account of events when an alarm is triggered. Footage can also be viewed in real time with ADT’s mobile app, so you can live-stream from anywhere and receive notifications when employees arrive, a package is delivered or when a secured room is accessed.

ADT Security’s interactive business security systems are securely stored in the cloud and are ideal for businesses that have multiple sites or locations. Every location can be conveniently accessed altogether through one app, eliminating the need to manage multiple security programs and platforms. Having real-time visibility over multiple locations from a single app gives business owners greater control over their security, allowing them to check the security status of any location, change user codes or update system settings quickly and efficiently from their phone, computer or smart device.

More than just security – AI video analytics enhances business decision making

Video analytics are capable of more than capturing and archiving live footage. Its functionality can also help maximise business operations while keeping customers and employees safe.

The AI video surveillance software that makes video analytics possible allows you to set up virtual sections and ‘tripwires’ across your business’ floorplan, allowing your security cameras to track movement, detect when people have crossed a designated perimeter and count how many individuals are in your business area. This information is uploaded to your ADT security system, allowing you to make informed decisions on how your business operates and how it impacts customers and employees.

Video analytics can:

  • Determine a business’ total net occupancy at any given time with occupancy tracking, which alerts you when occupancy is too high and can help inform occupancy management rules.
  • Count how many people cross your invisible tripwires to reveal entry and exit habits.
  • Track and visualise where people spend the most time within a specified area with heat mapping.
  • Monitor crowd gatherings in a defined area with alerts that notify you when too many people gather in one space.
  • Measure queues to gauge queue length and average customer wait times.

Choosing the right business video analytics surveillance system

Every ADT Security business video surveillance system is backed up by 24/7 back to base monitoring which provides a complete layer of protection and peace of mind, knowing someone is always watching over your business, even when you can’t be there.

For more information about our video security system for business including AI video surveillance software and video analytics for security, visit our website or call us on 131 238 for further advice from our team of licensed professionals.


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