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As the cost of everyday living grows more and more, the incidence of retail theft is also increasing. Retail businesses need more than ever to protect their stock against theft and damage, and a good retail security system will do that. Retail security is an asset no business can do without.

Sensormatic® EAS systems are engineered and manufactured to suit any retail setting and create a more positive experience for shoppers and staff alike. They are highly secure while still minimise false alarms. Plus, they’re easy to use – and deactivation is a breeze.

There are several reasons why a retailer might want to install CCTV. It might be to capture shoplifters red-handed, but also an increasing reality in the retail industry is combating staff theft. Cameras can be placed around tills, stock rooms and staff exits in order to monitor the activities of retail staff.

The Sensormatic RFID portfolio provides the physical foundation – labels, readers, antennas and device management software – needed to read, collect, filter and transmit data from goods as they move through retail supply chains. With our comprehensive range of Sensormatic EPC RFID solutions and system design we can help ensure successful implementations and ongoing peak performance.

Source Tagging
Sensormatic has been the #1 Brand in EAS for 45+ years, with 4 billion+ global source labels. Building upon our achievements, we now also boast 30 million Dual Technology AM/RFID tags deployed globally. Helping to protect protects virtually every product category, our source tagging program is nearly three times larger than that of any other provider with 30 million Dual Technology AM/RFID tags deployed globally.

Retail Store Intelligence
Today, managing your store’s loss prevention strategy isn’t enough. Now the reach and effectiveness of traditional loss prevention methods can be further extended and maximised by implementing store business intelligence solutions.

Opening a New Store?
With a little preparation, you can create a retail security plan that will help reduce potential losses your new store may face. Speak to an ADT Security advisor to put together an effective security plan that will help you reduce shoplifting, protect your store from break-ins and protect yourself and your employees from threats of violence and importantly, save money.

Rent a Security System
To help small retailers combat retail theft, ADT Security created the Sensormatic® Essentials Rentals Package. Aimed at clothing boutiques, newsagents, liquor outlets, corner stores, pharmacies, electrical and gift and homeware stores, the Essentials Package starts at $19.75 a week. A high performance Sensormatic system available at an affordable monthly price.

Alarming Products
We are all used to hearing, and often ignoring, the sounds of sirens and the alarm bells from buildings, stores and vehicles. For this reason customers rely on ADT Security alarm monitoring services so they can be assured that someone will respond to any emergency.

Display Products
In today’s challenging economic climate, retailers need to take action to better understand consumer behaviour, as well as implement the strategies required to maximise marketing spend and overall business performance. ADT Security offers a range of innovative solutions that are helping retailers to enhance in-store customer experience, harness the power and reach of social media, and create ongoing brand loyalty.

Retail security for the fashion industry is critical in seeing a business thrive and profits retained. Our range of security tags and labels along with CCTV solutions go a long way towards preventing theft and stock loss.

Specialty Fashion
Specialty fashion carries with it special needs in terms of security. ADT Retail provides solutions and products for specialty industries including security tags, pins and labels that are adaptable no matter how challenging the situation.

Health & Beauty
The health & beauty industry can be a difficult industry to protect against retail theft with small, easily concealed products that are expensive and in high demand. ADT Retail provides effective theft prevention measures such as security labels and RFID to minimise theft and stock loss.

Protecting electronics products whilst still allowing consumers to view, touch and try the products before they purchase is paramount to an effective electronics retail security strategy. ADT Retail has a wealth of experience in this area can provide solutions for any electronics retail business type.

The grocery industry faces constant threat of theft both from internal and external sources. Security tags, labels and other EAS systems form the foundation of any effective grocery theft prevention strategy and ADT Retail has the best products and advice on the market today.

ADT Security has experience protecting products in the liquor industry with a range of security tags and labels suitable for all sizes of bottles and other liquor products. These security solutions provide complete protection without compromising on merchandising.

Retail security for pharmacies is extremely important due to the sensitive nature of pharmacy products. Not only are they expensive but they can present health risks if placed into the wrong hands. ADT Security provides solutions for the pharmacy industry that reduce stock loss without impacting on customer experience.

Providing security solutions for hardware retail outlets is serious business, and something ADT Security takes extremely seriously. Security solutions for the hardware industry require a range of security products including security tags, pins, labels and CCTV camera systems.

Sporting Goods
Shopping in a sporting goods store should be an enjoyable experience, and part of this comes from being able to interact with sporting products and try before they buy. A key component of any sporting goods retail security solution is providing this opportunity to customers while still securing products from theft.

ADT Retail is well equipped to provide your retail business with effective retail security solutions no matter what industry you are in. Our solutions range from security pins, labels and tags to CCTV security camera systems and RFID.

Security Tags
Retail security tags are an essential part of any loss prevention plan. Security tags are applied directly to the product, activating an alarm if they are removed from the store or rendering the item useless unless the tag is removed by an appropriate security tag detachers.

Security Pins
Security Pins are an effective tool in minimising shrinkage while providing minimal inconvenience to customers and without damaging the product. Security pins can be applied to a range of retail products, and are notoriously difficult to remove without damaging the product, making them less appealing to shoplifters.

Security Labels
Security labels are available in either sheets or rolls that can be applied in a range of formats to multiple types of retail products. Security labels work by providing a clear visual indication of tampering, removal or reapplication.

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