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Be vigilant about external security; protect outdoor structures

When it comes to security, protecting structures such as garages, sheds and granny flats is just as important as securing the inside of your home. Why?

Man screwing in security lights on a wall

The possessions you typically store outside are often expensive, big ticket items. Think about your car, bikes, power tools, golf clubs and other sporting goods; these expensive items are generally stored outside the home and can be prime targets for thieves.

There are also compelling statistics about theft from external areas of the home. For instance, did you know that 60 per cent of car thefts in Australia happen while the car is parked at home?[1]

The garage can also be a tempting target for burglars seeking out tools or a ladder to help them break into the home. Beware if your garage is attached to the home and features an interconnecting door to the main house, as this door may provide easy entry for a burglar if a door has been left unlocked.

Likewise, external accommodation such as granny flats can also be seen as a place of interest, particularly if located at the back of a large residential block away from direct view of the main residence.

Don’t make your outdoor valuables a target for thieves; review and expand your security measures to help protect your possessions:

Walk around your property to identify security gaps

Inspect the outside of your property from the street then proceed to walk around the home’s perimeter, identifying any obvious security weak spots. Ask yourself, do trees and shrubs need clipping back, does the fence or gate need fixing, are the side paths clear, and are there enough sensor lights? Remember, thieves don’t like to be seen or heard, so consider things like placing gravel along pathways and installing stronger floodlights at key entry points to help startle burglars before they strike.

Integrate outdoor areas into your monitored security system

Depending on the location of your external structures, it may be possible to integrate these areas into an existing ADT Security System by installing motion sensors and other automation devices. Extending your system can be an invaluable solution for protecting expensive items such as cars, sports gear and other stored items. Installing motion sensors inside external structures can also provide peace of mind as the homeowner will be notified if the sensor is triggered. Also consider adding smart accessories, such as the Z-wave smart light bulb, which can be scheduled to automatically switch on and off to give the impression that someone is there.

Install security cameras

For even greater peace of mind and protection, external security can be enhanced with the addition of outdoor security cameras. There are a range of camera options that deliver high resolution night vision, and some are robust enough to withstand the elements including severe weather conditions. Depending on the size and layout of your property, a stand-alone outdoor WiFi camera may be sufficient. ADT Security has outdoor WiFi cameras with excellent low-light performance, a weatherproof case with UV protection and a night vision range of up to 12 metres. These cameras are ideal if you have a small structure to protect, such as a shed or granny flat. However, if you’re seeking constant 24/7 recording, you may like to upgrade to a more comprehensive CCTV system which is suited to larger, sprawling properties where numerous cameras are required. Regardless of your chosen solution, security cameras come with the ability to view live feeds remotely from a smart device and are a powerful visual deterrent to burglars.

If you’re vigilant about home security, don’t fall at the last hurdle by forgetting to secure your outdoor areas. A few strategic modifications to your home’s external structures may be all that’s needed to prevent would-be thieves from targeting your home in the first place. For more information visit



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