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What to consider when installing CCTV cameras outside the home

As CCTV technology becomes more accessible and affordable, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of Australian home owners installing surveillance cameras around their home.

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In fact, our most recent Secure Homes Report, revealed the number of Australian home owners who have installed CCTV to protect their home has tripled in the last two years.

In addition to being an effective deterrent against thieves, CCTV cameras that can be viewed from a smartphones can provide peace of mind by allowing you to check in on the home when you’re not there – whether you’re at work or enjoying an overseas holiday. Other benefits include the ability to monitor people coming and going from the home, which could be tradespeople, cleaners or gardeners, or the kids coming home from school. Cameras can even be used to verify parcel deliveries and online purchases. With more people looking to install security systems with surveillance cameras, we thought we’d share some expert advice on what home owners should consider when thinking about CCTV for the home:

Tips to consider when thinking about installing CCTV cameras outside the home:

Identify the areas that require monitoring
There are many different types of security cameras on the market so before installing or upgrading a surveillance system, it is important to consider your needs and which outside areas of the home require monitoring. In addition to the main entry points to the property, other areas that may need monitoring could include pools, driveways, the garage and side passages.

There is no point installing poor quality equipment that does not withstand the job for which it is intended. For example, if an area has limited lighting or visibility, an incorrectly installed camera can be rendered useless. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with a security professional with the appropriate qualifications and licence to help. A security expert will assess the home and provide a customised solution for your needs. ADT Security provides an initial property assessment free of charge. Our security professionals are trained to identify things that a home owner may not think about. They not only review the needs of the property, but also factor in your lifestyle.

Consider a digital CCTV system with a standalone network video recorder
A digital CCTV system with a standalone network video recorder (NVR) is a popular option for today’s home owners. ADT Security’s NVR units are capable of connecting up to 16 high definition cameras that will capture both day and night vision. The digital NVR also means there is no longer a need to replay hours of tape to search for an incident – you simply enter a date and time or use a mouse to point over a timeline to review an incident.

When combined with the ADT Vision application for iPhone and android devices, home owners can access the NVR unit at any time of the day or night via their PC or smart device. This means that if an intruder is detected and has triggered the home’s monitored security system, an alert will be sent to the ADT monitoring centre where the police can be notified and footage used as evidence if required.

Know your legal requirements
The use of cameras must comply with all relevant Australian laws, including privacy. If unsure, legal advice should be sought to ensure that the external cameras comply with all relevant requirements.

For more advice on how to protect your home and family, read the home safety and security tips on the ADT Security website


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