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Is your home due for a security upgrade?

The most sophisticated and reliable home security system is one that is monitored and has been custom designed by industry professionals, in line with your home and lifestyle needs. However, if your security system is a few years old, it may be time to review it to ensure you’re benefiting from the latest technology and features that can take your home security to the next level.

Screenshot of the ADT app interface which shows four camera views

Home security has evolved significantly in recent years and a system that uses the most up to date technology will not only help to make your home safer, but smarter and more convenient too. Features such as apps that let you control your alarm remotely, new camera technology and clever home automation products are now readily available.

If your home security system needs updating, consider the following:

Check your system is nbncompatible

One of the first things to do when upgrading a monitored security system is to verify whether your system is using a telephone landline to send signals back to the Security Response Centre. Making sure that your system is compatible with the nbn™ is particularly important because a system that is still connected to a copper phone line may be impacted when transferring across to the nbn™. If you’re unsure or concerned about how the nbn™ network will affect your monitored alarm system, or have any questions about how your system will work when your home is connected to the nbn™, read our blog here or call us on 131 238.

Automate your home security

Take advantage of new technology by upgrading to an ADT Automated Security system that allows you to control your home security remotely through our highly secure app. If you forget to arm the alarm when you leave home, you can easily do so from the bus, office, or even the other side of the world, by simply logging into your ADT Security app from your phone or smart device.

Add home automation devices

Home security isn’t the only thing that can be automated. You can also enhance your home with a range of home automation devices available from our online store. These include smart plugs, light bulbs, door locks and other products that are designed to give you full control of your home. Automating the home will not only help to make your home safer, but more convenient as well. Since we launched our online store, purchasing home automation products has never been easier. You can read more about the amazing features and benefits of our home automation products here.

Integrate security cameras

Make the most of your home security system by adding security cameras. As a specialist home security provider, ADT offers a choice of cameras to suit different requirements and budgets, from simple standalone live-streaming Wi-Fi cameras (otherwise known as lifestyle cameras) to CCTV systems for those who want a continuous visual feed, and recording, of what is transpiring at home. Our recent blog takes an in-depth look at the range of cameras available. Regardless of the type of camera you choose, they enable visual verification of incidents at your home and can be an effective warning sign to opportunistic burglars. Used in conjunction with a monitored home security system, cameras can also enhance your home security and provide peace of mind, with the ability to check the kids got home safely or that your four-legged friends are okay.

Modern security systems can offer so much more than a simple alarm system. So why not give your security system a high-tech upgrade and make the most of today’s extraordinary technology.

nbn™ network and nbn™ logos and brands are trade marks of nbn co and used under licence.


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