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ATM Security tips to help protect your cash

Most of us have heard about ATM skimming, where a person captures personal bank account details from people using an ATM interface.

ATM keypad being used

While most banks today have anti-skimming protection installed on their ATMs, perpetrators are continually finding new ways to steal people’s account information. Some of these tactics include the use of bluetooth skimmers and PIN overlays that lift data as you type. It’s an issue that continues to plague the financial sector.

Skimming devices work by capturing the ATM user’s card details. Perpetrators then watch the user through a small wireless camera concealed near the ATM fascia where they capture the card owner’s PIN number. Together the card details and PIN number are used by the perpetrator to access the victim’s bank account fraudulently.

It only takes a second for criminals to install a skimming device on an ATM card reader, which can easily go unnoticed to an untrained eye. ADT Security has been working closely with the Australian banking sector to help put a stop to the skimming scam by providing a range of anti-skimming solutions for ATMs.

While banks have an obligation to protect customers’ financial details, providing evidence of fraudulent activity at an ATM can be difficult, and some banks may refuse to reimburse you for every dollar stolen.

To help reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of ATM skimming, consider the following tips:

  • Inspect the ATM’s card slot. If the ATM looks like it has been tampered with, don’t use it and inform your bank immediately.
  • Make sure that your card inserts into the ATM’s card slot smoothly. If it feels like there is something inside remove the card and use another machine.
  • Protect your PIN. Ensure your details aren’t compromised by placing your hand over the keypad as you enter your PIN.
  • When paying by card, ask that the cashier makes the transaction in front of you and that the card remains in view at all times. Check your bank account details frequently and ensure every transaction can be accounted for. If you suspect a fraudulent transaction, contact your bank immediately to verify it.

For more advice on how to protect your home and family, read the home safety and security tips on the ADT Security website.


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