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Be proactive not reactive when it comes to home security

As the end of the year draws closer, our schedules can become busier in anticipation of the summer holidays and festive season. We can easily become so caught up in the holiday rush that home security is often the last thing on our mind, particularly if we think there’s no immediate need for it.

Technician installing a camera on the roof

The 2015 Secure Homes Report identified that 21 percent of respondents of our survey said that being the victim of a burglary would motivate them to install a home alarm system indicating a reactive, rather than proactive, approach towards home security.

Taking steps to address home security before the holiday rush means its one less thing yofu have to worry about, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re protecting your family and all those expensive Christmas gifts.

The holiday period can be one of the worst times for home burglaries, which is why ADT is issuing a reminder to plan ahead by taking a proactive approach to home security.

Where to start?
Part of taking a proactive approach to home security is reviewing your current home for weaknesses and considering your needs. Because every home and lifestyle is different, ADT Security will send a licensed security professional to visit your home and provide a complementary, no obligation home security assessment. You will then receive a customised home security solution designed specifically for your home.

There are a range of tailored packages available, whether you’re looking to install a monitored home alarm system, upgrade your system with security cameras or add an interactive home security solution that allows you to access your home security from the convenience of your smart phone. The first step is calling the professionals to seek advice.


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