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Considerations for securing your rental property

Many of us aspire to own our own home, however, the reality is that more Australians are renting now than ever before.

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Whether renting while saving to buy a home, or to accommodate a growing family, there is a range of flexible options to help your household better secure the property.

When you sign a new lease and set up your utility providers, talking to a licensed security professional about installing a monitored home security system can be a smart step as soon as you move in. Not only can they provide general security advice for your particular property, they can also tailor a system specific to your needs and budget.

Contracts with ADT Security are for a minimum period of three years however, if your lease is unexpectedly terminated, it may be possible to transfer the alarm to your next property as most of our systems are wireless. This means there are no cables or wiring throughout your home; instead our alarm components work using RF technology to communicate signals to and from the system.

Transferring a security system to your new home
For a small fee, ADT will decommission the alarm in your existing property and reinstall it in your new home. You can call us on 131 005 for a quote and, if required, we will visit the new property for a free home assessment to check this is still the best system for you. If the property is smaller or larger, or your household configuration has changed, your home security requirements may also have changed.

Moving into a rental where an ADT system is already installed
If you don’t already have a contract with ADT but there is a system installed in your new rental, it’s easy to have this reactivated. Simply contact us for assistance.

Getting started
When you move into your new rental property, call us on 131 238 to discuss your security requirements. In some situations, we can provide an indicative quote over the phone but sometimes we will need to send a representative out to assess the property. This assessment does not cost anything and ensures you receive the right quote for the right security package for your household’s needs.

Once the alarm is installed, you can rest easy knowing your home is being monitored by security experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly trained Security Response Centre responds immediately to any alarm signals, notifying you or your nominated contact, and if necessary, dispatching a patrol car to assess the situation. Whether you own your home or are renting, we understand that your household’s safety is of the utmost importance. So get the peace of mind you deserve and enlist the help of our security experts today.


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