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Don’t be caught without security during the holidays

With a long weekend in June and school holidays in July, winter is a popular time for Australians to take a well-earned break. While most people get caught up in the excitement of planning flights and booking accommodation, securing your home is often left to the last minute.

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According to Darryn Bull from ADT Security, “One of the biggest mistakes people make before they go on holiday is failing to prioritise home security. We often get calls from people who’ve returned from a trip away and found their home’s been broken into, and only then choose to install a monitored alarm system. It’s obviously much better to try to take preventative measures in the first place.”

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to organise your home security in advance and get to know all the features of your system. This way, you can relax and enjoy your time away without worrying about what’s going on at home.

Schedule a visit from an ADT Security professional

Every home is different, which is why there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to home security. ADT Security has trained and licenced security experts who can visit your home and discuss a security solution appropriate for your home, your needs and your budget.

Planning security before you go away will also help identify any other security gaps that need to be addressed and fixed. Replacing a loose window latch or a broken sensor light, for example, will help to make your home safer.

24/7 smart security technology

Whether you’re escaping for a long weekend or travelling for several weeks, it’s worth considering an ADT Interactive Security system, which includes back-to-base monitoring integrated with the latest home automation technology. As the cost of security technology becomes more affordable and therefore accessible, an ADT Interactive Security system allows you to manage your security system remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

ADT security and home automation systems work intuitively on one platform, so if you forget to turn the alarm on before you go away, you can easily check its status and activate it via the mobile app on your smart device from wherever you are in the world. If someone’s popping over to bring in your mail, water the plants or feed the cat, you can disarm the alarm temporarily and then turn it back on when they leave.

Interactive security also has other advantages that make it invaluable when you’re away on holiday. You can turn on lamps and other household appliances remotely, to give the impression you’re at home and deter opportunistic thieves.

A 24/7 security system that responds while you’re away

While app-enabled smart technology is gaining in popularity, only a monitored 24/7 back-to-base home security system can trigger a physical response if there is an incident while you’re not there.

ADT Security’s back-to-base system is linked to a monitoring centre that operates around the clock and is staffed by trained security professionals ready to respond. When the alarm is triggered, homeowners are automatically contacted and given the option of dispatching a patrol car to investigate. Knowing this back up service is always there helps to put your mind at rest.

Even if you’re staying put over the school holidays, you shouldn’t overlook home security – especially if older kids will be at home by themselves. ADT live streaming cameras, for example, enable you to check in on the kids at any time. You can also set the alarm remotely if the teens go out and forget to activate the system.
Whatever your plans, don’t leave home security to chance over the holidays.

Call our team to schedule a free home security assessment. Our specialists visit your home, assess your security needs and recommend a professional, monitored alarm solution that will help you and your family feel protected all year round.


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