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How to protect yourself against intruders

‘Prevention is better than a cure’ certainly rings true for home security, so it’s important to think about how you can protect yourself against home intrusions before they occur.

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It’s been reported that 75 per cent of burglars gain entry into a property in less than five minutes. However, if you’re savvy about home security you can make it much harder for opportunistic thieves to gain entry to your home.

For extra peace of mind, Darryn Bull from ADT Security makes the following recommendations:

Be cautious with unexpected visitors

Most people know not to answer the door to strangers. Exceptions might be the arrival of the weekly groceries or a home delivered pizza; while you may not know the driver personally, you generally know when to expect them. So, when you hear an unexpected knock at the door, what should you do? The NSW police says: “If someone is at the door and you are alone and feel a bit frightened, pretend there is someone else in the house. Also be suspicious of people who request entry to your home to check appliances or equipment,” they add. “Ask to see their identity card and take time to look at it carefully before letting them in. If you are still unsure, ring their company to check. If in any doubt, keep them out.”[1]

For added security, consider having cameras integrated into your home security system. This allows you to observe who is approaching your property from the safety of indoors, providing the opportunity to assess their behaviour and body language before deciding how to respond. ADT Security customers can choose from a range of options, from a single, standalone Wi-Fi camera to a comprehensive CCTV system for larger residences. Check out our full guide to security cameras here.

Screen tradespeople carefully

From the electrician or painter to garden maintenance help, it’s inevitable that there will be times when we have to allow strangers into our homes. Always ask for personal recommendations from neighbours or friends, or look up reviews to gauge each professional’s suitability. As the Victorian police point out, “there are now online directories that provide a list of independently pre-screened tradespeople who you can feel safe letting into your home. All listed tradespeople are required to undergo police checks and finance checks in order to be a member. Alternatively, use a franchise service as franchisees must undergo police and credit checks with the head office before using their brand name.”[2]

With the added benefit of ADT Security’s Automated Home Security Solutions, you can also integrate cameras that enable you to check in on your home from your smart phone at any time. Simply log on to the app to view a live feed of what’s happening on your premises so you always know when tradespeople are present or have finished up for the day.

Remain vigilant when selling online

Buying and selling online often requires direct interaction with people we don’t know, including sharing phone numbers and address details. When the item is too big or too valuable to post, you may have to meet that stranger face-to-face. Always remain cautious no matter how nice they may seem on email or over the phone. Try to meet buyers during the daytime, in a public place if possible, and make sure you have a friend or family member with you; there is safety in numbers. If you’re selling a big-ticket item like a car, also try to ask as many questions as possible beforehand about what they are looking for. The more you engage, the more you should be able to tell whether they are a qualified buyer that’s genuinely in the market for this item.

Don’t make your house a target

Security cameras can be a very effective burglar deterrent, as can sensor lights. Light is an intruder’s worst enemy, making their movements more visible to passers-by. Positioning motion detection lights near all of the property’s main access points can help. Other easy measures include locking garage doors and sheds which may provide internal access to the house or to tools for breaking in. For an extra layer of security, have a keyless lock such as the keyless Z wave deadbolt (available from our online store) installed. Not only will this prevent you from having to give spare keys out or leaving them under the mat for visitors, it will be much harder for burglars to tamper with or break than a traditional lock. Combined with sensor lights and security cameras, a keyless deadbolt also shows you’re serious about home security and that your property is not an easy target.




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