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ADT Security Melbourne is based in Mulgrave and offers a wide range of security & alarm monitoring systems for both home and business use. Our team of trustworthy and experienced team of technicians service all of metropolitan Melbourne and VIC. To arrange a FREE Home Security assessment call our friendly sales team today us on 131 238 (ADT). You can also call us to book an appointment to install, upgrade or service your home or business security system.

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L3, 37 Dalmore Drive, Scorseby, Victoria, 3179

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8am - 6pm AEST Mon to Fri excl. Public Holidays
8am - 6pm AEST Mon to Fri excl. Public Holidays

Our Home Security Products & Services – ADT Security Melbourne

Whether it’s small business or complex security solutions, ADT Security Melbourne can help to ensure the safety of your home or business. Using our Grade 1A monitoring centre we are able to monitor and help protect leading businesses in Australia.

We have a wide range of security products and monitoring systems for personal home or business premises. We specialise in security alarms and monitoring, sophisticated smoke alarms and personal alarms (IndiPendant) to help protect you and your family.

ADT Security Melbourne also offer service and maintenance of your existing home security systems. Why not add live video streaming to your security package or take advantage of other home automation solutions?

Intruder Detection

ADT provides you with the latest security technology to protect your home from intruders. ADT understands that all homes have different needs and requirements for their security and as such conducts a FREE in home professional security assessment. Our suite of intruder detection products allow ADT to protect your home from unwanted intruders. We have products that protect entry points to your home i.e. doors and windows and we have products to monitor and protect the inside of your home. Our product range includes passive infrared detectors (PIRs or Motion detectors), door and window sensors and break glass detectors.

Smoke & Heat Detection

An ADT Security system can integrate with smoke and heat detectors to offer an extra layer of protection to your home and family. Our smoke detectors are active 24/7, so whether your alarm system is armed or not, you can rest assured knowing the smoke detector is always on to help you and your family in the event of an emergency. If smoke or heat are detected in your home our 24/7 monitoring team will attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts so that the appropriate action can be determined.

Duress Alarms

An ADT home security system features a duress alarm button to help protect you and your family. In the event of this being activated our 24/7 monitoring team will attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts so that the appropriate action can be determined.

Home Alarm System FAQS

Does ADT call the police?

Yes, for any verified alarm ADT Security will call the police. ADT has a Grade A1 certification for our Monitoring Centre which allows us to call the police via special direct lines.

Does ADT call the Fire Brigade?

Yes, ADT Security will call the Fire Brigade in the event of your smoke/heat detector sending an alarm signal to our back to base monitoring depending on your state. ADT will attempt to contact you and your emergency contacts, if unsuccessful or there is a confirmed/verified fire event ADT will notify the fire brigade or send a patrol (if authorised).

What can I do with home automation?

Home Automation can be added to our security systems. You can control your appliances from your smart phone, set scenes with the lighting of your home. You can control your connected devices from your smart phone or device from anywhere around the world.

Does ADT have outdoor security cameras?

Yes, ADT Security can provide various outdoor security cameras for your home. You can connect our interactive cameras to your security system and view 24/7 live streaming. We also provide customised CCTV solutions that can record 24/7.

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