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SME access control features


Determine which customers, employees and visitors have access to specific areas on a premise with business access control system features.

For example, you might want employees to only have access during business hours.


Access control can also grant business access to a premise at differing times.

For example, you might only allow access to employees during trading hours. ADT allows you to set access control settings based on what best suits your business needs.


A great access control system gathers the relevant knowledge from access control usage.

Notifications and data can be extracted to identify who enters a designated area at a certain time. This feature allows small and medium businesses to monitor employee login times.

Access control also provides a reporting function that compiles relevant data based on the insights you want to gather.

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Pharmacies present a unique risk as they not only house sensitive data such as patient records but also handle medications that can attract unwanted theft. Access control can help safeguard all key access points and storerooms by allowing different levels of user access. ADT tailor-fits access control methods to ensure you the highest level of security based on your business needs.

Pharmacy Drugstore Checkout Cashier Counter


ADT looks after you so you can look after others. Employing the right security systems for your employees, customers and visitors ensures that everyone is protected. Access control systems boast custom permissions for front, interior and back door access for employees or customers while allowing them to leave and return at late hours, knowing entry is tightly monitored.

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Whether you're a small start-up with a collaborative working space or a bustling medium-sized office - different organisations require different access control solutions. Do you have cleaners you need to let in after hours? What type of data do you need to protect? ADT helps you determine the right level of access for the right people by crafting a comprehensive system with features such as keycard entry systems or biometric scanners.

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SME access control FAQs

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What is an access control system?

Small businesses and medium businesses regularly employ an access control system to keep their employees and customers safe.

An access control system is a security system that enables controlled movement, accessibility, and monitoring of people on a site.

Business access control utilises different technology such as readers, biometric scanners, key fobs, or other devices to regulate who can enter a certain location and when.

Why are access control systems important?

Access control is imperative for small businesses. Whether you are a restaurant, cafe or pharmacy, you must protect your premises from unwanted breaches and threats.

You need more than mere a video surveillance system. It is important to employ a security solution such as a business access control to control the level of access available to occupants and at varying times.

Access control systems ensure your employees, visitors, contractors, and personnel on-site feel confident and safe.ADT access control systems heighten the security in your building and control and grant access based on specific needs.

What are examples of access control?

An access control system is a security solution that dictates the access, movement, and monitoring of physical spaces.

Access control mechanisms like doors with security locks, keypads, smart locks, and a key fob can be utilised. Access control software such as biometric scanners with fingerprint recognition and facial scanners that determine user credentials can also be employed.

Which access control is best for business?

Businesses should employ access control systems that are tailored to their individual needs. It is not enough to just use video surveillance as your only means of security monitoring. You must consider what access solutions you want to use.

An access control system must consider the size of your business premises, the number of employees, the assets on the premises, and access permissions granted to each user.

How do I install access control?

Access control security systems are best installed by security professionals. There might be a wide and unique range of intricacies based on your individual business needs.

  • How do you want to manage access to your premises?
  • Do you have an already existing system?
  • Do you want remote access?

Employ the help of a security expert to install an access control system and other security systems to keep your business protected at all times.

How much does an access control system cost?

Access controls must be custom-fitted to the varying and unique needs of your business or organisation.

There are factors to consider such as the size of a premise, the traffic, the value of assets, the level or access rights you want to grant and the range of technology you want to employ.

Contact ADT to get a quote and assess the security coverage and needs of your business or organisation.

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