Organisational Safety

Keeping individual and high risk workers safe


ADT FindU is a data-driven workforce safety ecosystem. It is a 24/7 professionally monitored solution allowing lone, remote, high risk and night shift workers and drivers to feel safe and connected.

ADT FindU allows organisations to develop a comprehensive business-wide safety strategy based on meaningful and actionable data accessed at any time.

As team managers, HSE, HR and compliance leaders perhaps you wonder if your workers are truly safe out there. Maybe you feel compelled to track worker safety with more visibility of critical data points to influence early prevention of issues? Have individual workers expressed concern of their lone worker safety or simply a desire to feel more protected? ADT FindU can be by their side every step of their day, regardless of industry or market segment.

ADT FindU – Platform

An enterprise level dashboard that provides real time tracking of remote / high risk employees wherever they are. By capturing actionable data from the FindU app, the platform can be used to receive alerts, define safe or exclusion zones, set up organisational rules and build custom reports to benchmark your organisational safety performance.


  • Platform
  • Geo fencing
  • Meaningful worker data
  • Actionable insights
  • Standard reports
  • Customised reports
  • Customised dashboards
  • Set up help
  • Training (add on)


Make sure your valued employees are truly okay. Locate and identify individuals, any where, any time, any place.

  • See your employees at all times, instantly
  • Confirm employees are in designated safe zones and away from danger
  • Respond to duress alerts quickly with accurate GPS locations
  • Identify workers in close proximity to form teams, complete tasks or render assistance
  • Accurate and auditable detail of employee movements
  • Identify employees that may have been exposed to risk (eg. COVID-19), including retrospectively
  • Track meaningful and actionable data of employees across all your organisation
  • Schedule designated check in times with employees and define an escalation plan with the ADT 24/7 monitoring team if check in times are missed.


The ADT FindU app is compatible with Android and Apple mobiles, as well as Samsung Galaxy and Apple watches, allowing simple tracking and connection for many working environments.*

  • Send build notifications, alerts and updates to your employees, whether individual lone workers, teams or company-wide.
  • Track messages sent to employees, including the ability to push out surveys and build customised reports.
  • Dynamic, quick communications that can be pushed directly from the ADT FindU desktop platform. Messages can be sent as app notifications, SMS or call (including IP calls).

* Hardware not included

Reduce risk for drivers

Leveraging the mobile app solution, FindU Drive is for workers on the move. It uses real time insights that can lift driver productivity, optimise scheduling and routes, reduce fleet costs and improve driver safety through individualised feedback. With professional monitoring, we’re on hand to call for help if collisions occur.

  • App
  • Collision detection
  • Driver events & trip scores
  • Performance e.g. hard braking
  • Driver dashboard
  • Team reporting
  • Self-education (gamified)
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Set up help
  • Training (add on)

ADT FindU Architecture Overview

ADT FindU Example Workflow

Additional features available on request

Wearable Packages

Crisis and Event Management

Quarantine Management

Precision Location Beacons

Aged Care Wearables

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Individual safety

Keeping travellers, families and outdoor enthusiasts safe

Personal safety at home or on the go

ADT FindU allows travellers to feel safe, with help on hand, even when going ‘off-grid’. It allows families access to real-time data and critical event management to help keep children, seniors and vulnerable persons safe. It allows those who exercise alone, early morning or late at night, to go about their day knowing ADT FindU is with them every step of the way.

ADT FindU is a highly versatile, customisable app suitable not only for organisational safety, but, personal and community safety too. Contact us today for more information.

Pricing from
$20.40* per month

The ADT FindU all-in-one package includes access to the FindU app, FindU Drive app, FindU platform, 24/7 professional monitoring and set up assistance.

*Pricing excludes GST, assumes a 24 month contract, with no hardware supplied.

Getting started with ADT Find U

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