ADT Video Doorbell System

The ADT Wireless Video Doorbell is a battery powered doorbell camera that features HD video, Video Analytics for rapid people detection, Two-Way Audio, a wide field of view, and a rechargeable battery.

This completely wireless video doorbell gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect installation location without depending on the existing wiring or chime. The Video Doorbell must be connected over Wi-Fi to the Smart Chime.

The Smart Chime is designed to work seamlessly with the ADT Interactive platform and is a customizable wireless doorbell chime which also serves as a robust Wi-Fi extender for other ADT wi-fi products.


ADT Video Doorbell can be tailored to the layout of your home and integrate seamlessly with your ADT Security system. The installation and set-up will be done with the help of an ADT technician to suit your home’s unique security needs.

Our systems all come with our ADT App, which allows you to control your system with your smartphone from anywhere, view live video and receive notifications, whether you are on the go, stuck at work or simply on your way home.

Key Features of the ADT Video Doorbell and Smart Chime

Video Analytics

Two-way audio

3+ months of
battery life with
easy recharging

Live & recorded
video clips

Adjust Chime Volume
Convenient control from the
ADT Interactive app or web portal

Customize Tones
Wide range of options

Extend Wi-Fi
Improve connectivity and
range for video devices