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Transform your abode into a smart home with the ADT Smart Connect App. Featuring an easy-to-use interface and custom alerts, control all of your DIY Security devices from the palm of your hand.

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ADT Smart Connect App Features

Whether you're at home or on the go, use the Smart Connect App to remotely control your home security and automation from anywhere. Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Home Security

The intuitive interface of the ADT App makes adjusting your DIY home security system a breeze.

Move around your home freely even when your alarms are active with intelligent features like “Armed Stay” or "Armed Away", which let your system know if nobody is meant to be home.


With a sleek, personalised dashboard display, you can easily access all the information you need in one place.

From your alarm system’s status to live weather conditions, quickly access your most-used features at a glance.


With notifications from the ADT Interactive or Smart Connect App, you'll receive instant alerts triggered by specific events.

Get custom notifications depending on what you want to monitor like if you've forgotten to lock the door or arm your house alarms.


Check which lights are on and set the perfect temperature for individual rooms with the push of a button.

Control your lights remotely to save energy, welcome visitors when you're away, or cycle them on and off to make it appear you're home.

Live Stream Video

Check in on your home, family members and pets with 24/7 live streaming.

Live video recording is an essential feature for emergencies, once you receive a notification, watch what’s going on at your property in real time.

Video Clips

Automatically record every time your front door opens, pool lights turn on or movement is detected in areas there shouldn't be.

Based on the actions you set, your app will record security camera footage of up to 30 seconds. Review or download all recorded clips and easily identify trends or unusual behaviour.

Home security app

Your home security, your way

Intruder detection

Monitor the inside of your home and secure key entry points like doors and windows with passive infrared detectors (PIRs or motion detectors), door and window sensors and break glass detectors.

We understand all homes have different security needs, which is why ADT offers an over-the-phone professional security assessment to help you create the perfect solution.

Smoke & heat detection

For an extra layer of protection, our DIY Home Security Systems have the ability to integrate with your smoke alarms and heat detectors.

If triggered, our 24/7 professional monitoring team will alert you and your chosen contacts. Even if your alarm system is unarmed, the ADT team will be alerted and ready to support you and your family in an emergency.

Duress alarms

An ADT home security system features a duress alarm button to help protect you and your family when you need it most.

In the event it's activated, our 24/7 monitoring team will notify you and your emergency contacts so the appropriate action can be determined.

ADT app

ADT Smart Connect App Advantages

The ADT Smart Connect App makes life easier. Remotely control smart home features and your home's security on one platform for intelligent, intuitive protection

Smart Connect FAQs

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Which ADT Security app do I use?

ADT offers a range of mobile apps including Smart Connect, ADT Interactive and FindU.

Our Smart Connect App is available for customers who have a DIY Home Security System and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

How do I install the Smart Connect App?

Installing the ADT Smart Connect App is designed to be quick and straightforward with in-app prompts guiding you on how to set up your account and ensure all components of your smart security system are properly connected.

If you need help, our friendly team can provide set-up support and answer any questions you have along the way.

Can I make my own security system?

Absolutely! At ADT, we understand everyone has different security needs and encourage our customers to make their home security their own. For this reason, we proudly offer the best DIY Home Security options possible and make self-installation a simple, hassle-free process.

With no need for advanced technical skills or professional installation, our detailed instructions and user-friendly interface empower you to set up the system at your own pace.

Can I control my house alarm from my phone?

Yes! With the ADT Smart Connect App, you can use your phone to control all of the home security devices connected to your DIY security system including house alarms and cameras. If your ADT system includes home automation, your other smart home devices can also be controlled, accessed and viewed via the app.

Is DIY home security worth it?

DIY installation can be a convenient and rewarding option for those who prefer to take control of their home security. Many customers opt for DIY systems because they can offer greater flexibility and customisation. You can select and install specific devices that suit your home's layout and your security preferences and add more over time as you see fit.

Remember that the specific steps and components involved in the installation process may vary depending on the ADT Secure Home Connected DIY solution you’ve purchased. Always refer to the provided installation guides and consult with ADT’s customer support for any specific questions or concerns you may have during the installation process.

Contact us on 131 ADT (131 238).

For more details, visit our FAQs or Resource Centre.

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