1. Press the power key
  2. Enter your [MASTER CODE]
  3. Select a user by entering a 2-digit user number (01 to 32)
  4. Enter a 4- or 6- digit [USER CODE]
  5. Confirm the [USER CODE]
  6. To register a remote, press and hold any remote button for 3 seconds. Release. Press and hold any remote button for 3 seconds. If you do not wish to assign a remote, press [ENTER]
  7. To program another user, go to step 3
    To exit, press [CLEAR]
    For partitioned systems, continue to step 8
  8. Press [1] and/or [2] to assign the user to a partition
    Press [ENTER]
  9. To program another user, go to step 3.
    To exit, press [CLEAR]


  1. Press the power key
  2. Enter your [MASTER CODE]
  3. Select a user by entering a 2-digit user number
  4. Press and hold the [SLEEP] key until you hear the confirmation beep

When the system is armed, it will respond to any breach in the zones according to the way each zone is programmed. For example, if someone opens a window that is armed, the system can trigger an alarm and alert your Security Company.


Press [ARM] + [USER CODE]


Press [OFF] + [USER CODE]


Close all areas and press [STAY] + [USER CODE]


The installer can program certain zones with the bypass option. This will enable you to program the system to bypass certain zones when arming the protected area. When a zone is bypassed, it will remain unarmed once the system is armed. This option may be useful, for example, when you are renovating part of the protected area. The system will keep the bypassed zone(s) in memory until the area is armed. Once the area is disarmed, the system will un-bypass the zones.


  1. Press the [BYP] key
  2. Enter [USER CODE]. The [BYP] key will flash. Press [ENTER] to bypass all open zones or go to step 3
  3. Illuminate the number(s) corresponding the zone(s) you want to bypass by entering the zone number
    Solid on = Zone open, Flash = Zone bypass, Off = Zone closed, not bypassed
  4. Press the [ENTER] key to save and exit. Press [CLEAR] twice to exit without saving


  1. Press the power key
  2. Enter your [MASTER CODE]
  3. Press [TBL]
  4. Press [5]
  5. Enter time* in the [HH.MM] format. If HH = 13 or more, skip to step 7.
  6. Select time format [1] = 24 hr; [2] = AM; [3] = PM
  7. Enter the date in the [YYYY/MM/DD] format. You have now set the time & date. Press [CLEAR] to exit.

** For SP400 / SP65 systems, time must be entered in 24hr format. Omit step 6 (time format).


Your alarm system continuously monitors several trouble conditions that can be reported directly to your monitoring station. When a trouble condition occurs, the [TBL] key will illuminate. Press the [TBL] key, and the keypad will illuminate a number corresponding to the trouble the system is experiencing. Except for the Timer Loss trouble, contact your monitoring station or installer to resolve the trouble condition.

NOTE: If the keypad emits a BEEP every 5 seconds whenever a new trouble condition has occurred, press the [TBL] key to stop the “Trouble Beep”.

Press [TBL]
Key/LED Lit Trouble Type Trouble Details
[1] Wireless Zone Low Battery The batteries for one of the system’s wireless devices needs to be replaced.
[2] Power trouble The control panel is experiencing power trouble.
[3] Bell Trouble There is a bell disconnected/overload on the control panel
[4] Communication Trouble Your alarm system, if monitored, could not communicate with the monitoring station.
[5] Tamper/Zone Wiring Failure A wiring problem is occurring on one or more devices.
[6] Module Tamper Trouble A device’s anti-tamper switch has been triggered
[7] Fire Loop Trouble One of the zones is in fire loop trouble.
[8] Timer Loss Your alarm system’s clock must be reprogrammed.
[9] Wireless Zone Supervision Loss One or more wireless zones are no longer communicating with the system
[0(10)] Module Supervisor Loss One or more modules are no longer communicating with the system.
[16]/[SLEEP] Keypad Fault There is a problem with one of your system’s keypads.