ADT Home Assure

An ADT Home Assure Device

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Communication lost with device EP

Communication lost with device EP may occur due to EP was too close to the panel for few days (less than 2 meter), EP was few days in un-covered area (too far)

Communication lost with device in room X

Communication lost may occur due to device is too close to the panel, device is installed in a low signal strength and/or device battery is empty.

Device Low Battery

This notification occurs when a device battery runs out of power.

Device Tamper

Device tamper may occur due to device was moved by customer, device fall from original position and wall-mount was disconnected, device does not ‘sit’ properly in wall mount and Tamper is not pressed.

Disconnected Power Supply

1. Re-plug panel to the power supply

2. Once notification received ‘Power supply to the panel is now restored’, close notification

Panel Communication Lost

1. If issue is caused due to cellular connectivity lost, technician required to attend

2. If issue is caused due to main power failure – re-connect power supply

3. Confirm following notification is received ‘Panel communication restored’

Panel Low Battery

1. Confirm the power supply is connected to the panel. If it is not, re-plug the power supply

2. After a few hours, the following notification should be received ‘Battery is not in good condition for Device: Control Panel’

I accidentally pressed the emergency button. Can I cancel the call?

Yes. Pressing the RESET button during the configured delay period, will cancel the alarm.

I pressed the emergency button several times. How many medical alarms will be sent to the Monitoring station?

Once the voice window is open, no additional MA messages will be sent, until the window is closed.

I pressed the emergency button and the conversation I had with the monitoring station was very loud! Is this normal? Can I change the volume?

The system was designed for elderly people and is also supposed to be used when the user is far from the Control Panel. Therefore the volume must remain high, to ensure the call can be held anywhere around the house.

During an emergency call with the monitoring station, the operator could not hear me. What is the problem?

1. Check if the microphone is not blocked by some object

2. The conversation may be set to half half-duplex – the operator can control the ‘talk-listen’ modes and make sure you are heard

I pressed the Control Panel emergency button but I didn’t hear an alarm or see any LEDs blinking.

1. It is possible that the Control Panel is still initializing. Make sure you hear the ‘console ON’ announcement prior to using the system

2. Make sure the Control Panel is switched ON and the power LED is green

I turned OFF the Control Panel but I can still see LEDs ON. Why?

It takes a few seconds for the Control Panel to shut down. Make sure you hear the announcement ‘console shutting down’ which is followed by a complete shutdown of the system

The Control Panel is ringing. Why? What should I do?

There is an incoming call. In case speakerphone is enabled, you can answer it by pressing any of the emergency buttons (Panel, EPP or VPD)

The Control Panel announces ‘battery missing in console’. What’s wrong?

The backup battery is missing or not installed properly. Insert the battery or check it is installed properly. Make sure the strip is not stuck between the battery and the contacts.

The communication LED is steadily red. What’s the problem? What should I do?

1. A SIM-card may be missing or not installed properly. Make sure the SIM-card was installed properly

2. The SIM-card may be blocked. Contact cellular service provider to make sure the SIM is set up properly

I pressed the EPP button but nothing happened. What’s wrong?

1. You are too close to the Control Panel. Make sure to press the EPP from a distance of at least 0.5 meter

2. The press on the button was too short. Press the EPP more lengthily

The communication LED is orange. Is something wrong?

1. There is an active conversation via the Control Panel. You can either speak or, if you want, disconnect the conversation by pressing any of the emergency buttons

2. A voice window following an emergency alarm is still open. The LED will turn green when over, or after pressing the RESET button.

I pressed the RESET button lengthily, and heard a single beep. What happened?

Pressing the RESET lengthily activates/deactivates the Activity Timer. In case the feature is enabled, the blue circular LED will be turned ON/OFF, accompanied by the correspondent voice announcement.

I accidentally pressed the pairing button. Did I damage the system?

No. A short press will not do anything. In case you pressed lengthily, a window to pair a device is open (accompanied by a circular run of the blue LED). You can cancel it by pressing the RESET button.

Following the system set up, the trouble LED is ON or blinking (red). What can be the problem?

1. The battery may be missing or installed wrong or the power adapter may be disconnected. Verify that the backup battery is installed properly and the power adapter is connected to the Control Panel and to a functional electrical outlet.

2. There may be a supervision loss state of a device.

3. A tamper may be open.

The power LED is blinking (green). Why? Is there a problem?

The Control Panel is running on the backup battery. Make sure the power adapter is connected properly to the Control Panel and to the electricity socket.

I left the house with the EPP and accidentally pressed its button. What will happen?

Nothing will happen. You need to be within range in order to generate an alarm.