IndiPendant – Medi Guardian MKII

A Medi Guardian MKII personal alarm.


Activate Emergency Alarm

You can call for help from either the medical Pendant or the medical Base Unit. To call for help:

Activate Alarm

  1. Press the button on the pendant or the [HELP] (red) button on the base alarm unit.
  2. The base alarm unit will beep when a call is activated.
  3. When the call is answered in the Monitoring Center, the base unit will beep several times.
  4. The Monitoring Center will then phone the medical unit and attempt to speak to the user and organise assistance if required.
  5. The [CANCEL] (green) button must be pressed after the call.

Cancel Emergency Alarm

To cancel an alarm call, press the [CANCEL] (green) button on the base unit within 10 seconds of activation. The alarm call will be cancelled.

Cancel an alarm

  1. Press the [CANCEL] key (during the pre-alarm stage only).

Power Down Medical Unit

You may need to turn off your medical unit in the event of a malfunction (where service or maintenance work has been arranged) to ensure it does not send false activations to the Monitoring Centre. You will need to contact the ambulance service (000) directly in the event of an emergency while the medical unit is off.

Turn Off

  1. Turn off mains power and the battery switch located underneath the alarm.

Status Indicator Panel


DisplayWarningWhat to do
MAINS ON + GREEN FLASHAC Power FailureCheck the home unit is plugged into a working electrical socket
MAINS ON + RED FLASH[LB] Low BatteryCheck the home unit is plugged into a working electrical socket and the battery switch is turned ON.
[RF] Unit failed to send a messageCheck the antenna/SIM card is plugged in to the alarm unit.
[CF] or [Si] Cellular connection has failed or SIM card is missing.Check the Antenna/SIM card is plugged in to the alarm unit.
[CL] or [HP] The red button on the alarm unit has been pressed.A call has been raised to the Monitoring Center.