Wireless Doorbell

A wireless video doorbell.


What is the Alarm.com Doorbell Product?

The Alarm.com Wireless Video Doorbell is a battery powered doorbell camera that features HD video, Video Analytics for rapid people detection, two-way audio, a wide field of view, and a rechargeable battery. This completely wireless video doorbell gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect installation location without depending on the existing wiring or chime. The VDB780B must be connected over Wi-Fi to the Alarm.com Smart Chime (ADC-W115C).

What types of notifications are supported?

  • Low Battery
  • Low Voltage Shutdown
  • Temperature Notification
  • Doorbell Call
  • Video Analytics

How can I receive the calls?

You can receive calls on your phone via the interactive app or via the Qolsys keypad.

Will we see doorbells with different colour variants than what we currently have?

Currently, there are no plans to manufacture the wireless doorbell in different colours.

Will we be able to upload our own tones to be selectable as a chime tone?

There are currently no plans to make this available, and hardware limitations will not allow us to go down this path.

Can a doorbell call button notification go to multiple people simultaneously?

Yes, multiple users can receive the notification simultaneously. However, if more than one phone starts a 2-way audio conversation through the doorbell, the experience is not optimal. One phone only will have access to the doorbell’s speaker.

Can I only use the Wi-Fi doorbell?

Wireless doorbells are unable to connect to the interactive app unless they use the Smart Chime, which establishes a secure connection to the cloud.

Can the smart chime connect to the modem using 5 GHz?

The smart chime can only connect to a 2.4GHz network.

Do you need to have the app open to receive notifications?

No, as long as you’re signed into the interactive app, you will receive notifications

What features are on the Wi-Fi doorbell?

  • Completely wireless installation
  • Rechargeable (micro-USB) battery pack
  • Advanced motion detection provides increased awareness with timely alerts.
  • Two-way audio through the ADT interactive mobile app
  • Installation flexibility for optimal viewing
  • 160º horizontal FOV
  • Full HD 1080p recording