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Keeping your monitored business security system online with nbn™

The transition to the nbn™ is well underway.

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For Australian small businesses making the switch, it’s important to consider how this may impact their existing services, such as monitored back-to-base security systems connected to their phone line. If your alarm is still relying on the PSTN network to send signals to a Security Response Centre, the nbn™ may affect your monitoring functionality. Our team can guide you through available options for your system, ensuring your business stays connected when the switchover occurs in your area.

ADT’s range of tailored business nbn™ compatible options include IP Connect. This trusted high-security platform ensures your business stays connected to our 24/7 Grade A1 monitoring centres for a seamless change over to the nbn™. IP Connect is designed to give Australian small businesses more peace of mind by detecting any faults in the connection and responding in accordance with your emergency alarm plan. Best of all, our IP Connect is a cost-effective nbn™ compatible package, to support your current security system.

ADT IP Connect also delivers:

  • a fully-installed smart communicator for back-to-base alarm monitoring;
  • reduced phone costs as you will no longer rely on your analogue phone line, potentially saving you on monthly rental and call costs;
  • a level of reliability not previously possible with fixed copper phone lines;
  • security level options based on your unique requirements;
  • full nbn™ compatibility for continuity as your business transitions.

For business owners who are considering the merits of a back-to-base security system for the first time or upgrading their current system, we have our ADT Interactive Security system. Our panel with inbuilt smart communicator ensures that the system is nbn™ ready and has the additional benfit of being armed and disarmed via our Interactive app on your smart device or the web portal. Wireless live streaming cameras can also be incorporated into the system allowing you to check in on your office or review video clips associated with alarm alerts.

If you’re unsure or concerned about how the nbn™ network will affect your monitored business security system, or if you have questions about how your current alarm system will work when the nbn™ network arrives, call us on 131 ADT (238). Our team is available to answer queries Monday – Friday, 8am to 7pm AEST (press option 3 on the menu). Alternatively, email with your contact details and we will call you back at your stated preferred time.

For more information visit or call 13 12 38.

nbn™, nbn and related brands and logos are trade marks of nbn co ltd. and used under licence.


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