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Have you considered the benefits of a monitored home security system?

With the family’s safety to consider and valuables such as cash, jewellery and electronics at the top of burglars’ most wanted list, it doesn’t make sense to cut corners when it comes to home security.

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Home alarms, intercoms and CCTV cameras are popular electronic security systems that homeowners are increasingly turning to in order to protect their property. These systems should be installed by licensed security specialists who use reputable equipment and can guarantee the products are installed correctly.

An incorrectly installed or poorly positioned alarm system will prove ineffective, and increase the likelihood of false alarms, which will test the patience of neighbours. Professional installation also ensures the alarm won’t be activated by things like curtains blowing in the breeze or the coming and going of pets. A security specialist will identify things that the average householder would not think of.

The advantages of a monitored alarm system
The peace of mind that a monitored alarm system can provide can be invaluable. Knowing that the moment a home alarm is triggered, someone will respond with either a call or text message to the occupant and a call to the appropriate emergency services if the situation warrants it. ADT Security has a 24 hour monitoring centre with trained operators who can not only respond in an appropriate manner, but also have the ability to remotely disable the alarm if the threat is not determined to be genuine.

Another benefit is that a monitored alarm system can be set-up to protect specific areas of the home. For example, if people sleep upstairs, the system can be set up to only activate if there is a disturbance downstairs, or users can choose to just arm windows and doors. This functionality is not commonly found in alarm systems sold by hardware and electronics stores.

Video surveillance and web enabled security solutions
For home owners seeking the latest intuitive innovation in home security, sophisticated CCTV systems enable users to log-in online, or from a smart device, for 24-hour access from anywhere in the world. Whether at work or on an overseas holiday, it’s possible to monitor the status of the alarm and view CCTV camera footage 24/7.

The technology is facilitated through a DVR (digital video recorder) that is connected to the cameras in and around the home. ADT Security’s systems operate through the 3G network, not a phone line, minimising issues relating to the NBN network.

An ADT Security alarm system includes 24/7 security alarm monitoring and rapid response that is fully personalised to the home. It comes complete with an emergency button feature and specific zone activation. Monitored security alarms can also offer potential insurer discounts off the home insurance premium. For details visit www.adtsecurity.com.au or call 131-238.


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