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Finding the right safety and security solutions for every home

When thinking about security solutions, cameras and home alarm systems automatically come to mind. However, every home and family are different and have their own unique safety and security considerations beyond a traditional home alarm.

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Technology advancements have also progressed the functionality of security systems which now integrate smart automation and video, allowing more customisation and interaction.

Before rushing out to purchase the latest and greatest home security system, it’s important to consider more than just the physical home; the size and location of the property, how many people live there, the lifestyle and life stage of each occupant including everyone’s daily schedule, and how often they are away, are all important factors.

ADT Security’s range of solutions includes devices that help individual households address their own unique safety concerns. Whether the dwelling is home to a single occupant, a family with multiple children, or someone who is elderly or has mobility issues, ADT Security’s expanded range of security and safety solutions can be designed to give people peace of mind while also making day-to-day living simpler and stress free.

In a busy world, with more flexible yet increasingly unpredictable home and work schedules, it’s easy to lose touch with a normal daily routine, so things such as locking a window, arming the alarm system, or turning off the lights can be forgotten.

Inevitably, when life stages change as children grow up, parents get older and homes are renovated or people move, the home dynamics change which also impacts a household’s safety and security requirements. Failing to address these changes can leave homes vulnerable to theft and other dangers.

ADT’s safety and security devices are suited for every situation; from home automation systems with live streaming video cameras to 24/7 monitored security and personal emergency devices, technology can better protect the home and family.

Consider how the following solutions could help simplify your daily life:

Home automation

Take full control of your home security by installing ADT’s home automation devices. How many times have you forgotten to turn the alarm system on, or wish you could light up the front door before arriving home late at night? ADT’s Interactive Security system not only lets you monitor your property, it also automates your home with easy to activate, remote control functionality operated from your mobile phone. Arm and disarm the security system while you’re away, turn lamps and other appliances on and off from wherever you are, and schedule lights to switch on and off to give the impression someone’s at home; a clever trick to activate while away on holidays.

All ADT home automation devices are supported by the ADT app, which lets you program individual devices via one central platform, while continuing to monitor your home by sending you push notifications if the alarm system is triggered.


Parents and pet lovers will love the functionality of ADT’s 24 hour live streaming cameras. No longer installed purely to catch intruders in the act, cameras can be used to check in on your family and home at any time using a smartphone, tablet or computer. This means you can watch the kids arrive home safely after school or get a cute ‘pet fix’ during the day. Using the mobile app, it’s also possible to save video clips directly to your account which, in the event of an emergency, can be very important.

ADT Security has a range of indoor and outdoor cameras and CCTV systems that can be easily integrated into an existing ADT home security set-up. Our cost effective, reliable video monitoring options can add another layer of security to the home. If prominently positioned, cameras can act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders.

IndiPendant Personal Alarm

With more people living longer and more independently, ADT’s IndiPendant Personal Alarm gives family members of those who are vulnerable or less mobile, peace of mind in the event of an emergency. While we can’t always be around our loved ones, IndiPendant gives reassurance they are safe should they slip and fall or experience a medical incident.

The wireless IndiPendant is supported by ADT’s 24/7 assistance to ensure help is available whenever it is needed. The user simply presses the panic button on the unit, pendant or wristband and an alarm signal is sent to ADT’s Security Response Centre. Once the panic button has been activated, the response team will call the user’s nominated emergency contact or arrange an ambulance. This life-saving device aims to ensure people receive the best possible care day or night. The support centre will also notify nominated contacts such as family, friends or neighbours, to keep everyone informed when a situation takes place.

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