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Should I Get a Home Security System?

Commercial properties typically are equipped with business security systems. Homeowners, by contrast, rarely invest in security solutions and rely on traditional locks to get the job done. This is not because homeowners do not care about safety.

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Instead, homeowners are often worried about the cost and complications of such systems. However, the reality is that a home security system can be affordable, easy to install and very functional. All you need to do is learn the facts.

This guide covers the question of why you should get a home security system and more.

The truth about home security systems

Home security systems use sensors to detect unwanted entry into your home. These sensors may detect the movement of a door or window being opened or broken. When activity is detected, the system will send an alert. If you invest in a back-to-base system, the alert will go to a security company (ADT).

You can invest in a system that suits your needs. You can get an alarm system to monitor smoke in addition to motion. Alternatively, personal indiPendant alarm systems allow for activation in case of emergency. By tailoring the system to your needs, you can get the protection you want at a price you can afford. Learn more about the options with ADT’s guide to home security cameras.

Do security systems deter burglars?

The primary reason people choose a home monitored security system of some sort is because of burglary. According to the official numbers, there are more than 200,000 burglaries each year in Australia. Moreover, the vast majority of these burglaries are in residential homes. That means that your home is a more appealing target than the business down the street. Clearly, these statistics are frightening.

However, according to local authorities, the presence of CCTV or other home security systems can help to reduce crime. In particular, a monitored security system can enhance the physical security of the property with the added benefit of alerting the security company of intrusions. When a burglar sees a home security system in place, the burglar is less likely to continue. And when several homes in the area have prominent security in place, the overall area becomes safer. So why get a home security system? It will reduce your risk of being a target for burglary.

Are home security systems effective?

Before you invest in a home security system, you would want to know whether it will get the job done. However, effectiveness can only be measured based on the type of system you choose. A simple security system will effectively alert you when someone enters your home without your permission. However, a more advanced security system may detect other problems. You could have a system that alerts you when there is the presence of smoke inside the home.

Statistically speaking, the numbers are in your favour if you invest in a home security system. Despite the prevalence of burglaries, most estimates suggest that less than a quarter of homeowners have a security system in place. Up to 70 percent of burglaries occur by forcing open a door or breaking a window. Even the most basic security system will be able to detect this kind of activity. Moreover, most burglars will stop if they see a camera or sensor. This can stop a burglary before it starts.

Are wireless alarm systems reliable?

One of the latest advancements in home security is wireless technology. Traditional home security systems involve cameras that are wired. Wireless technology allows these sensors to communicate with the system without so much hardware. The reason people like wireless technology is that it is far easier to install. Wiring for a traditional security system is an involved and expensive process. Wireless alarms, therefore, are more accessible.

Most people are innately wary of the reliability of these systems, it is not hard to see why. Everyone has experienced issues with other wireless technology in their homes. The fact is that wireless systems are increasingly reliable. They are also proving to be far more versatile. These systems can be connected to your phone or computer through applications. When you use your wireless system with the ADT security app, you can have instant access to all your security system. This gives you peace of mind even when you are far from home.

ADT is one of the world’s most respected names in security. If you’d like to learn more about how security systems work, contact your local ADT security professional.


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