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Get serious about monitored home security systems

No matter how much of a handyman dad thinks he is, some jobs are best left to the professionals, especially when it comes to home security.

Alarm with visible buttons, being armed.

We’re all becoming more aware of ways to beat crime and it can be tempting to choose the quick-fix DIY home security system that can be bought from the local hardware store. The fact is DIY systems just don’t cut it when it comes to home security. These systems are easy to tamper with and can be ineffective and unreliable for deterring burglars.

The home is full of valuables from jewellery and antiques to the latest high definition televisions, sound sets and computers; it’s a burglar’s paradise. Become security savvy and consider how the benefits of monitored home security systems far surpass DIY systems.

Peace of mind
Knowing there is a trained security professional that’s accessible if the alarm is triggered is invaluable. Using an app-based system combined with 24/7 professional security monitoring, homeowners can have the best of both worlds. At the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can arm and disarm the security system, receive instant notifications of security breaches or triggers, manage and automate home appliances and lights, and check-in on loved ones via live video of the home.

A tailored solution
A monitored alarm system can be set-up to protect specific areas of the home. As the warmer weather sets in, air conditioners and fans will be running high making it more difficult to hear disturbances, especially if you’re asleep. Our monitored security system can be set up to isolate specific areas of the home so that the alarm can be activated even when the home is occupied, and the addition of an ADT Interactive Security camera can let you view your home remotely from your phone. This personalised and changeable functionality is not commonly found in DIY alarm systems.

Burglars know the difference
Most burglars can spot a dodgy DIY system a mile off and it’s less likely to act as a deterrent. With a professionally installed and monitored security system, an experienced security expert will undertake a complete assessment of your home, spotting security loopholes and identifying the ideal positioning for cameras and sensors.

Keep the neighbours happy
An incorrectly installed or poorly positioned alarm system will prove ineffective, and increase the likelihood of false alarms, which will test the patience of neighbours. Professional installation also ensures the alarm is less likely to be activated by things like curtains blowing in the breeze or the coming and going of pets.

With reputable equipment, reassurance that the products are installed correctly and a having a personalised system for each and every home, you can rest easy knowing that there is someone protecting your home, even when you’re not there.


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