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Keep your home protected with the next generation of home alarm panels

The perceived time and costs associated with installing a sophisticated security system may be a barrier for homeowners who believe that locks and a neighbourhood watch sticker are enough to keep their home secure.

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However, the evolution of security technology is challenging those perceptions, with advanced systems becoming more accessible for a wider demographic of homeowners looking to keep their homes and families safe.

ADT’s latest security solution, the next-generation IQ Panel (IQ Panel 4) is the next step in comprehensive home security. The IQ Panel 4 is a smart home security dashboard that offers a few more features than the typical alarm system, including Dual SRF featuring PowerG, which provides long-range, secure, encrypted, wireless security that’s compatible with legacy security systems already installed in the home or building. Its SmartMount installation system also provides easy wall or table stand mounting options, including the new IQ Base Table Stand Subwoofer.

The IQ Panel 4 utilises a high-performance IoT solution, designed to deliver a responsive, user-friendly and overall superior computing experience, robust camera features and multiple connectivity options. With additional features including Bluetooth disarming, a built-in glass break detector, live view and answer capabilities, and even a built-in QuadSound speaker system that lets users stream music over Bluetooth, the IQ Panel 4 is much more than security: it’s a smart home solution.

Modern features to take your alarm system to the next level

ADT’s IQ Panel 4 is the best example of the progress made in home security alarm systems, providing not only a hub for security functions like house-wide alarms that would alert occupants to potential home intruders, but also provide a sense of integration with other everyday activities to make any home feel like a smart home. While traditional security panels provided a convenient nerve centre to operate the entire system from one location, installation time and costs were often a barrier for many homeowners who were unsure if the effort was worth the investment. Significant advances in wireless technology have led to security panels like the IQ Panel 4 that provide users with a much more immersive experience that caters to more than just security.

Today’s home security and alarm systems leverage exciting new features such as:


Panels can be mounted wherever it is most convenient, and then detached and re-mounted whenever your routine and lifestyle preferences change. They can also link to mobile devices, like the ADT Security App, and be operated remotely.


Modern security panels will often feature in-built speakers and microphones that allow people to communicate without the need of a phone, whether that be to people at your front door or emergency services or your security provider’s monitoring team.


Panels are often more than just a security accessory, but a hub for all smart appliances and IoT functions throughout the home. Utilising Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, security panels can help set timers on lights, air conditioning and door locks, or help set security alerts and notifications.

Artificial intelligence

Video analytics are growing into an essential part of security and leverages AI to make decisions for you after identifying movement from sources such as people, vehicles, and animals. Through security panels you can receive alerts based on programmed preferences, such as when a car enters the driveway during the day, a person enters the property, or when an animal is roaming around the backyard.

Home security alarm systems from ADT

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