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Owner’s guide to securing the holiday home

Holiday homes will often have multiple tradespeople, cleaners and gardeners coming and going from the property and if it is left vacant for extended periods of time, the home can become an easy target for thieves and vandals.

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While owners can’t always be there to keep an eye on their property, ADT Security suggests the following tips to help provide holiday home owners added peace of mind that their investment is safe and secure.

Regularly change the locks. Whether you’ve just purchased the holiday home, had a long-term tenant vacate, recently completed renovations or changed cleaning companies, it’s important to be conscious of the number of keys that may be floating about. Changing locks regularly can minimise the risk of unauthorised property access, especially as some key holders may have made extra copies for themselves and their staff.

Be careful with keys. Ensure they aren’t labelled with the home’s address. Instead, consider putting a PO box number on the label to ensure you aren’t in advertently inviting an unwanted visitor into the home should the key be lost. Stay tuned, as ADT will be launching keyless lock solutions in the near future.

Make it look lived in. If you have stayed in the holiday home over the summer break, avoid closing all curtains and blinds up on departing to help make the house look more ‘lived in’, even when there’s nobody there. Consider installing and scheduling timed lighting as an effective way to create a ‘lived in’ scenario by setting lamps to switch on and off throughout the night and don’t forget to install outdoor sensor lights at the entrances to the property.

Make friends with the neighbours. They’re going to be the eyes and ears of your property, so always introduce yourself and let them know when you’re visiting. They may also appreciate you giving them your contact details in case of any emergencies or disturbances while the holiday home is being rented.

Set a few rules. Inform all new guests of the security measures in place at the holiday home. Having a welcome letter with a few rules will help outline security considerations such as always remembering to lock windows and doors, along with instructions on how to arm and disarm the security system. Also, provide a departure checklist for guests to follow when they leave the holiday home.

Install an alarm system. A smart way to enhance your holiday home’s security is to install a monitored security system that can alert you if the alarm is triggered and can send a patrol car to investigate the property.

Take advantage of new technology. There are many new systems available to help holiday home owners keep an eye on their property. ADT Interactive Security is an ideal solution for holiday home owners as the entire system can be easily managed through an easy to use smartphone app. It allows property owners to change the alarm codes remotely so they can provide a new access code for each new guest, and importantly know the status of the alarm system at any time.

Interactive cameras placed outside the home will allow owners to remotely view the property while sensor alerts will keep them informed when someone is present. Smart switches can also help owners check that appliances have been turned off and even monitor power usage, which can be a useful tool for checking the property’s running costs.

In the near future, ADT Security will also offer remote door locks that will enable holiday home owners to issue each new tenant with an access code that only lasts for the period of their rental, there by eliminating the need to give keys to estate agents or worrying about someone copying a key.

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