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Leaving the house or being away for an extended period can be stressful, even though it shouldn’t be. A high-quality security system is the perfect solution for attaining peace of mind by providing greater visibility over a property and acting as a significant deterrent when it comes to break-ins and burglary.

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Over the years, home security systems have evolved from hard-wired alarms operated from wall-mounted control panels into clever smart solutions that integrate different security devices into one digital system. Today, installing multiple cameras and motion sensors into an alarm system that works independently is an easy and seamless process.

Modern home security solutions are designed to be convenient for the homeowner, with interactive monitoring capabilities and real-time viewing of multiple entry points simultaneously. ADT’s home security systems also include an option of being accessed via the ADT Interactive Security App, which turns any home into a smart home, enabling them to be controlled and monitored remotely.

Here are some of the key benefits of remote, app-based smart home security.

Advanced benefits from an app-based security system

Simple, easy-to-use interface

With the ADT Interactive Security App, you can arm and disarm your home security system directly from your smart device, whether it be an Android or Apple device. The ADT App dashboard is easy to set up, allowing you to control your home’s security with simple touch screen combinations and navigation features that you access the most.

Control utilities remotely

With a touch of your phone, the ADT Interactive Security App can connect with smart plugs that can be used to turn your lights on and off remotely whether you’re home or away. This can help create a more welcoming environment if you are returning home in the dark, or a handy tool when you’ve forgotten to turn the lights off before leaving the house. When used with the ADT smart plugs, the App also provides the ability to turn lights on to make it appear that you are home, as well as turn them off again so you can control electricity usage.

Secure login protection

The ADT Security Interactive App comes with two-factor authentication, which is a security process requiring users to provide two different forms of identification to verify themselves when they initially log into the App. This process, which is only required once per device, provides a higher level of security than processes where only one access identification, such as a password or PIN, is needed.

Two-factor authentication ultimately makes it harder for others to gain access to your App interface because, even if they manage to get past your first authentication barrier, it won’t be enough to pass the second authentication check.

Fully customisable

From the ADT Interactive Security App, you can set notifications tailored to specific events and preferences. The App offers several pre-set notifications to choose from based on popular needs. These can be conveniently customised to alert you of things that are important to you, such as notifying you when the kids have arrived home from school.

Smart security

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, most home burglary attempts are not planned, and convicted burglars have stated the most common mistake homeowners make is to leave doors or windows unlocked [1]. An interactive ADT Security System is the perfect defence against spontaneous crime.

With location-based automation, you can use the App to set an arming reminder for the system when your smartphone is outside an established perimeter. Should you forget to close a window, or feel uncomfortable about being away from home, you can also control the entire system from other smart devices like an Apple Watch, or issue voice commands through Siri or Google Home.

Real-time security

The ADT Interactive Security App also provides you with a live feed of your home from cameras connected to your security system. This allows you to view your front door for deliveries and visitors or check in on your family or pets with 24/7 live streaming. From the App interface, you can change between multiple camera feeds and get real-time vision of every angle of your home. The App can also provide you access to recorded video clips, making it easy to view stored footage later.

For more security tips and solutions, visit our website or call us on 131 238 to arrange a home security assessment by our team of licenced professionals.



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