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Smart Security: The Future of Home Security

With home security options expanding every year, there are more choices than ever available to consumers who want to secure their homes. Home and business owners now have more control over protecting their loved ones and valuables whilst also adding intrinsic financial value to their property.

A lighted up 3D diagram of a modern smart home

In the past, security and home automation systems could be expensive and complicated to use; however, security systems are now smarter, easier to use and more cost-effective. Consumers and businesses now have the power to personally control their security systems due to the evolution of smart technology.

With smart security on the rise, let’s take a deeper look into the future of home security and how it can benefit you.

The Rise in Smart Home Security

Up until a few years ago, smart home technology was generally complicated to install and expensive. Things started to change in 2009 when home security providers started to offer smart technology alongside their security systems.

Ten years later, smart security systems are at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. A 2019 study from Fixr found that smart security systems are the smart home devices people are most likely to own (53%), and over 50% of new homeowners include smart home devices in their design plans.

With smart technologies constantly improving, there are more smart home gadgets and appliances than ever before.

Smart Security Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Personalisation and end-user control have become paramount in smart security systems. Smart home technology now allows for the automation of home security systems all from a smart device. These include smart lighting and cameras which can all be controlled conveniently from your mobile phone.

Cybersecurity remains a priority

When investing in security for their home or business, consumers want to be sure that it is secure and will not compromise their privacy or safety in any way.

This year and beyond, there will be an industry-wide focus on securing the security systems themselves, such as surveillance video cameras, alongside the smart tech connected to them.

As well as home security, there will be a focus on security in neighbourhoods. In the future we could see an aggregation of data across neighbourhoods using video data to identify perpetrators in an active crime.

An increase in “Green” Home Security

There will be a focus on using smart technologies to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals in their homes, using forward thinking energy solutions.

Using an app on your smart device, individuals are able to control energy consumptions in their homes with ease. This includes switching off lights through an app whilst you are out. Not only will this have a positive effect on the environment, it will also help consumers to cut their energy costs.

Home Security & Smart Tech Integration is Key

Smart home devices and smart technologies do not always work well together, but this is expected to change in the near future. As smart security evolves, integration will become a key trend for growth in this industry.

Smart devices which talk to each other will become more desirable and offer value for money. For example, using your voice activated device to control your lights in your home.

Opening multiple apps to control different aspects of your homes is tedious and will become a thing of the past through interconnected devices. Soon, consumers will be able to control all their smart home technology from one app with ease.

Be Smart When Securing Your Home

Securing your home with the latest smart technologies is more convenient and accessible than ever. Contact an ADT Security professional today to get a competitive quote on our home security systems.


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