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Smart monitored home security is available now – so why wait?

How soon do you think it will be before home automation becomes mainstream in Australian homes?

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According to our research, the majority of Australians believe it will be within five years. And proving that home automation and home security go hand in hand, nearly 40 percent of those that we surveyed said that the ability to protect their home from intruders was the most appealing feature of home automation.

With many of us working longer hours and leading busier lifestyles, rethinking our approach to home security by adopting smart home technology is very appealing. ADT Interactive Security can be an ideal solution for those times when you’re rushing out the door and you forget to arm the alarm, or when you’re late home from work and need to check the kids got home safely from school. It can even make your life easier by allowing you to provide remote access to the home for cleaners or tradespeople, or for creating programmable ‘scenarios’ that make it appear like someone’s home while you’re away on holiday or a business trip. These are just a few of the common scenarios where automated technology can provide added peace of mind and enhanced lifestyle benefits.

The residential home security industry has evolved to meet the demand from consumers who want products that allow them to manage their home remotely from their smart devices. However it’s the combination of ADT Automated Home Security paired with 24/7 professional security monitoring that makes it a smart alternative to expensive hard-wired home automation systems and unreliable do-it-yourself security products.

The technology behind ADT Interactive Security operates through a secure cloud-based network that is compatible with all iOS and android devices. It allows you to:

  • remotely arm and disarm the alarm system
  • receive instant notification of security breaches
  • manage and automate home appliances
  • visually check-in on the home.

Best of all, the system can be tailored to suit a home’s individual needs with the option to add cameras and additional automation components as required.

Seamless and wireless installation with no messy cables
RF (radio frequency) technology sends messages to and from the system.Cameras are connected to the home broadband for live video feed viewing. Unlike DIY systems, ADT Security provides a team of licensed security professionals to ensure the system is expertly installed.

Visual verification and professional monitoring
In addition to being supported by ADT Security’s 24/7 back to base response centre, where a team of trained professionals will notify homeowners if the alarm is activated, a breakthrough new PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor with an integrated camera is also available. This sophisticated sensor will take a still photo as soon as it detects motion, sending images back to the home owner’s nominated mobile device.

Enhanced lifestyle with smart home automation
Remain continuously connected to the home with indoor cameras that provide a 24/7 live video feed that can be viewed from anywhere in the world(and record footage as required). Electrical appliances or lamps are controlled using Z-wave plugs that enable the home to be programmed or controlled remotely. Z-wave plugs can even monitor an individual appliance’s energy usage to help reduce utility bills by identifying inefficient products.

The new ADT Interactive Security solution is designed to make life easier and safer through integrated technologies that are practical, reliable and affordable.

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