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How smart home automation systems save on your energy bills

Thanks to the evolution of smart appliance technology, security solutions can provide a versatile array of capabilities that not only help keep life secure but can also help improve energy efficiency in your home.

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ADT’s interactive security technology, for example, can integrate its real-time movement tracking and customisable commands with smart home systems, allowing homeowners to control lights and smart home appliances even when they’re at work or on holiday. With rising energy prices and the increased pressure on the cost of living, the ability to remotely control a home’s electricity use and minimise inefficiencies is an asset that improves the outcome of your energy bill.

Invest in smart appliances and gadgets for home

ADT’s interactive security system is compatible with several accessories that can help manage smart home appliances and their energy consumption throughout the home. Operating with Z-Wave technology, these accessories use a wireless communication protocol on a low radio frequency to enable automated tasks.

These Z-Wave accessories are affordable, require minimal power and are available purchase with an ADT system. These include smart power plugs that connect with appliances like lamps, television or air conditioner, allowing you to control them remotely

Set smart energy consumption and management protocols

Investing in the right tools to manage your home’s power usage is only the first step. With the ADT mobile app, you can remotely control appliances integrated with Z-Wave technology. This gives you complete control over usage during peak and off-peak times. This is especially valuable if you are on a ‘time of use’ energy plan, which charges you different rates for using electricity throughout the day. Peak times, for example, are typically between 3pm and 9pm (depending on where you live) and cost more for electricity due to the higher demand during this period.

ADT’s smart home control allows you to monitor which smart home appliances are running, and allows you to turn them on and off from the ADT mobile app no matter where you are. This means you can control your lights and appliances to align with off-peak times to minimise your energy bill. You can also set notifications to alert you when peak energy periods begin, reminding you when to turn smart appliances off or set customisable times to control your smart home system automatically.

With the cost of living under pressure due to rising energy prices, it is important to ensure that your home is equipped with the right tools. With an automation system monitoring your lights and smart appliances, managing your home’s power consumption and minimising unnecessary costs becomes a much easier task.

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