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Making lifestyles more secure with home automation systems

From protecting your home and valuables to balancing your personal and professional responsibilities, there are a lot of demands on everyday life that can cause stress. Fortunately, technology has advanced to such a degree that home devices can take some of that stress away.

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What was once considered science fiction, smart home devices can now connect to a common network, creating a home automation system that is independently and remotely controlled. The benefits of home automation systems include smart home control that takes on important responsibilities that might be otherwise forgotten, making life more safe, secure and convenient.

Keeping both hands on your busy life

ADT’s interactive security technology, for example, can track movement in and around the house, with video analytics that use AI sensors to identify moving objects. These functions can be connected to a smart device, like a phone or tablet, giving users full remote access to live video feeds and instant notifications when someone has entered the home. The AI capability of these smart home devices can set customisable geo-fences that create a virtual perimeter around the home.

Automatic smart home control features are particularly useful for people with busy lifestyles that require balancing work, pets, children and household responsibilities. The system’s AI capabilities, live monitoring and real-time notifications can provide accurate information on whether movement around the home is a loved one or a stranger. It can even help with tracking pets, notifying you if the family pet has escaped or is safe indoors while you’re at work.

Smart home: staying in control no matter how far you travel

Packing for a holiday or business trip should not include the baggage of making sure your home is safe while you’re away. Wondering if you left a light on or if your belongings are safe without anyone to watch over them should not be concern. Fortunately, with the remote connectivity of today’s smart home devices, you can monitor and control your home from anywhere. An ADT automated system seamlessly connects the key systems in your home on one platform, allowing you to remotely access your security system, set alarms or turn lamps and appliances on and off at will.

Having complete control over your home while travelling is a beginning-to-end advantage. You can turn lights and appliances off if you forgot to do so before leaving, you can set alarms and monitor your home to maintain security your way, and you can set the same lights and appliances to come on when you return.

Home automation – elderly autonomy

The transition to senior years can be a challenge when simple household activities become more difficult and when it seems independence has been taken away. However, home automation can help remove these challenges by giving elderly homeowners the power to control their home from their hand. Smart home devices from ADT are connected to the ADT mobile app, a fully interactive experience that helps users to control security, lights and reminders from one location. You can activate or deactivate their security devices at will or set up automatic timers, allowing alarms to be set at bedtime or whenever the house is empty. Lights can also be turned on and off from the one location, helping to keep things illuminated when moving through the house.
The benefits of home automation systems may appear exclusive to tech-savvy homes, but the reality is that they are accessible to many. With interactive devices and user-friendly programming, smart home control is no longer an unobtainable luxury of the future but a useful tool to ensure life remains convenient, safe and enjoyable.

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