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Tips to help make life easier this summer

The Christmas and summer holiday period can be a hectic time. With Christmas shopping, parties and trips away, we can all do with a little extra help to make our lives easier and keep our home security in check.

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A smart home automation system that works in tandem with your home security system can add another layer of security to your home while providing you with many extra lifestyle benefits. Using cameras connected to your smart devices, you can keep a watchful eye on the kids during the school holidays, check that your pets are okay while you’re not at home, or arm your alarm system if you forget to turn it on.

ADT Security’s new home automation system uses z-wave technology that interconnects with the home’s electrical sockets so any plugged device can be operated remotely from a smart device or PC. It’s the next generation security system that puts you in total remote control of your home and is available at a price point that is surprisingly affordable.

Following are a few ways you can enjoy ADT Security’s home automation this summer

View camera footage from wherever you are
Strategically positioned ‘lifestyle’ cameras can be viewed remotely from any smart device or PC. Whether you’re at work or on an overseas trip, being able to check-in and view your home at any time can provide added reassurance and peace of mind.

Arm or disarm your alarm using your smart device
Life gets busy so it’s understandable that there may be times when you forget to switch on your home security alarm before you leave the house. With an integrated home automation system, it’s easy to arm and disarm the system from your smart device. You can even disarm the alarm to allow family, friends and or trusted tradespeople into your home while you’re away.

Control your lighting devices
If you’re away on holiday, program your lamps to switch on and off to give the impression that someone is at home. Burglars are less likely to target a home if they can see activity.

Cool the house down before you get home
During our hot summers, nobody likes to return to a stuffy house. Before you get home, use your smart device to switch on your fans or cooling devices, so the home feels refreshed the moment you walk through the door. In fact, most household devices that operate through an electrical socket can be automated using the ADT Home Automation system.

Monitor appliances’ energy efficiency
Hot summers can also see an increase in electricity due a rise in the use of cooling devices and refrigeration which can be expensive to run. Home automation technology can be used to monitor energy usage which can help keep your utility bills in check and identify inefficient products that may need to be services or replaced.

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